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Angular IE7 Support Module

Since angular 1.2 it dropped support for IE7, and for good reason. However, poor little sods like me have to keep supporting my apps in IE7. While I keep working on my project I'm finding ways to get around IE7 annoyances and as I do I'll put them in to this module.

Before using this module, make sure you have followed the appropriate guidelines by angular.

This module currently fixes:

  1. The SCE (Strict Contextual Escaping) problem (simply by turning it off).
  2. The $anmiate.[add|remove]Class problems which also affect ng-show ng-hide ng-class.


  1. Either download directly from here or fetch with bower bower install angular-ie7-support.
  2. Include a version of jQuery that supports IE7. You may include this conditionally just for IE7.
  3. Make sure you have only given your app the ID ng-app (<html id="ng-app" ng-app="my-app">) when in IE7 by using conditional HTML comments.
  4. Include this module in to your app angular.module('my-app', ['ie7-support']).


  1. Install Karma: [sudo] npm i -g karma-cli
  2. Install Bower: [sudo] npm i -g bower
  3. Install components: npm i
  4. Run a single test: npm test
  5. Or watch your files and run the tests when they change: npm run watch-test