Block-breaking game in vim 8.0
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animated demonstration

How to play

  1. open your code or text file in Vim
  2. :VimGameCodeBreak to Start
h l space ` ] [ q Q
new ball cheat key GOD mode human mode end game quit & close game


If you want to play with more than three balls, you can modify the following:

" .vimrc
let g:vim_game_code_break_item_limit = 4    " default value is 2

WARNING: Too many balls can slow down the game or cause bugs. I recommend the default value : 2 If the game speed is too slow, try :syntax off before starting the game.



Place this in your .vimrc:

Plug 'johngrib/vim-game-code-break'

Then run the following in Vim:

:source %