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Lots of tiny programs which are examples of things
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Best of Rationality Quotes_files copy of less wrong's best of rationality quotes
agora changed database to hash-database
blogposts another planned blogpost
bloody-maven/maven-test-project fiddling
c attempts to work out what is going wrong in the magic uart logging code
clmp stuff A time series displaying widget that I wrote a long time ago for CLMP
clojure-versions run three versions of clojure side-by-side on separate ports, and use…
crevision more bayes programs
dev8d-clojure-dojo Dev8d dojo code, both from the dojos I did, and my version of the fra…
gibbs formatting
hello-swig-python-c python C SWIG example
hertfordstreet some arc programs taken from an old disc
hidefromleiningen hmm
javapackages/com/aspden Java code from the research I did into TESPAR voice recognition for t…
latex add mla style
maven_hello_web Merge branch 'master' of
maven_incanter added some more plots for incanter
maven_penumbra ineffectual hacking
maven_uber_project attempt to make a big maven project using everything I know about
nakkaya_anti_gravity pulled in nakkaya's anti-gravity program and made a pom and directory…
polyglot-maven poms for polyglot maven
ring-wiki Merge branch 'master' of
sdl slowly compressing
site an ancient clojure website found and added
spectrum a spectrum emulator tape file with the famous SIN plotter program on it
verilog added the arbiter from…
w3schoolsrdfexamples simple rdf documents from the w3c rdf tutorial
xgraphics Stack Bastards more like
.gitignore ignore binaries
10x10.svg inkscape 10x10 grid
2d-test.lisp really added them this time
2sat.clj 2 sat description of simple case
2sat2.clj 2-sat generalized
Best of Rationality Quotes.html copy of less wrong's best of rationality quotes java timings Java program to exhaust file handles rabbitmq hello world in java
ScalaFractalTree.scala modified to use radians throughout rabbitmq hello world in java
a tricky integral.wxm math nerding
a-geometric-approach-to-differential-forms-chapter-4.wxm fiddling with differential forms
agentsvsrefs.clj added fragments from netbook
agodofsmallthings.html add less wrong credit
agodofsmallthings3.txt tiny improvements on re-reading
airdensity.clj a formula for air density that looks weird
akstest.clj preliminary investigation of the aks prime test
alternator.txt exciting battery facts added various fragments
another-tree.clj added fragments from netbook added various fragments
anthills.clj ants problem
ants.clj changed ants constants
apply.clj answer stack overflow question about lazy computation of addresses us… python argument printer for bash script experiments
arrow3xarrow1.png more arrow-fun
arrowaddition.png more arrow-fun
async.clj async demo code
authorized_keys clean up authorized keys
automata1.png automata!
automata1.xcf automata!
automatonI.png automata
automatonI.xcf automata
automatonII.png automata
automatonII.xcf automata
automatonIII.png automata
automatonIII.xcf automata
averageofrsquaredinsphere.wxm maxima hypersphere stuff
averygentleintroduction-part1.clj a very gentle introduction to information theory
averygentleintroduction-part2.clj entropy blogpost
averygentleintroduction-part3.clj information theory
averygentleintroduction-part4.clj entropy
averygentleintroduction-part5.clj entropy
baby.hs haskell, python
basel-sum.wxm Euler's spawny sum
bayes.clj fixed the axis bug in simple plotter, which allows for longer bayes s…
bayes.txt kirk, spock, bayes
bayes2.txt more bayes
bayes3.txt more bayes
bayesashes.txt bayes, ashes
begin.scm scheme for beginners
bellman-ford.clj first attempt at bellman ford
bernoulli.clj bernoulli economy
beta-bernoulli.clj whitespace
bidirectionalmap.clj unique user names
biggraphsearch.clj ready!
binomial.clj various bits of maths
binomial.txt more maxima
binomials.wxm more maxima
binomialvariance.clj various bits of maths
bleed.xml new pom for bleeding edge clojure
blogpost.clj calling emacs from clojure haskell, python update boat sitting notes
bridges.clj bridge crossing problem (taken off a blog)
butterflies.clj added fragments from netbook
cards.clj various itila files
cascalog.clj cascalog
chance.clj something about random trials and stopping criteria
charcount.c experiment with c
ckan.txt draft blogpost for ckan
classic-puzzle.clj A classic puzzle
clj2html.clj added comments
clojure-errs-dict.clj about errors and gurus
clojure-eval-paste-test.clj clojure eval paste keyboard macro solution sort of
clojure-is-fast-part-one.clj clojure is fast
clojure-is-fast-version-1.4.clj formatting
clojure-is-fast.clj runge-kutta essay growing to ludicrous lengths
clojure-leiningen.txt backed off to latest stable since I seem to be writing a leiningen in…
clojure-macro-tutorial-part-one.clj clojure macro tutorial part one as posted
clojure-macro-tutorial-part-three.clj reconciled with blog post
clojure-macro-tutorial-part-two-first-draft.clj more macro tutorial stuff
clojure-macro-tutorial-part-two.clj clojure macro tutorial, about to post
clojure-maven-nrepl.pom.xml An attempt at a modern clojure maven pom.xml
clojure-tutorial.clj added fragments from netbook
clojure-tutorial.txt added fragments from netbook
clojure_macro_tutorial.clj Merge branch 'master' of
clojure_primitive_support.clj experimenting with 1.3.0-alpha2
collatz.clj meditating on sergio's collatz program
colonialistblotto.clj reformat
compiling-a-map.clj made a total abortion of this while trying to get Meikel Brandmeyer's…
complexnumbers.clj forgot to commit this, don't know what changed
continuation-passing-style.clj cps, trampolining, mutual recursion experiments
contour-example.m matlab contours
copied down from added various fragments
corelogic.clj play with core.logic
cricketmatch.txt cricket report
curvature.wxm various maxima programs
cv-16-01-2015-google-sites.html CV text pulled off google sites version
cycles.clj more thoughts about permutation groups
data.lisp really added them this time
database.clj added fragments from netbook
debuggingstringmacro.clj variables to string of var->value macro
debugmacro.clj added fragments from netbook
debugmacro2.clj added fragments from netbook
def-let-with-undo.clj experimental def-let-with-undo
def-let.clj meditations on Narayan Sinhal's def+ macro
define-macro.clj scheme-like defines
defrecord.clj playing with defrecord
deftable.clj pretty use of macro
derivativefromfirstprinciples.wxm maxima
derren.clj transformer for der-ren's log file
destructuring.clj Signed-off-by: John Lawrence Aspden <>
deterministicrandom.clj some messing with random packing
dice.clj probability
differencedfendefmacro.clj reformatted a bit
differential forms.wxm more differential forms
differential_form.wxm fiddling with differential forms
diversity.clj diversity
divgradcurlvector3d.wxm more maxima
dojo.scm scheme for beginners
doom.clj demo debuggable file
dotbashrc timesheet has moved
dotemacs end window-splitting behaviour forever, bwahahaha
dotfonts.conf fonts.conf file
dotgitconfig you can get a global gitignore file like this!
dothgrc for mercurial, I am
dotinputrc make delete work everywhere
dotprofile move dotprofile commands to dotbashrc
dotxmodmaprc caps lock remapped to control in the ancient republican style
dynamic-linking.clj diatribe
e.bash unquote argument means you can open file1 file2 rather than "file1 fi…
edxget.bash make one command so wget can handle parallel get efficiently
efficiencyandprogress.c Bernard's gcc native compilation option
efficiencyandprogress.clj messing about with speed things make this look like the latest C version
efficiencyandprogress1.clj Split out first bit. This is turning into a miniseries.
efficiencyandprogress3.clj split file again
efficiencyandprogress4.clj efficiency and progress, avoid leiningen
efficiencyandprogress5.clj edited
efficiencyandprogress6.clj further down the rabbit-hole
effortless_superiority.txt effortlessness
emacs-octave.m some octave things
entropy.clj hmm
entropyasbitrate.clj entropy things
entropyblogpost.clj entropy blogpost
errors.clj added fragments from netbook
euclidean-simplices.wxm tidy
euler-maclaurin.clj messing with euler-maclaurin summation
euler.c c version of euler thingy for clojure timings
eulermaclaurintaylorseries.wxm messing with euler-maclaurin summation
evalmacro.emacs emacs keyboard macro to eval expression and
evilfiend.clj a bit of optimizing for evilfiend.clj. Some O(n*n) algorithms to O(n)
evilfiend3.clj simple recursion to calculate probabilities
exactmarginalization.clj maths stuff
example.clj added fragments from netbook
example1.lisp really added them this time
examples.sml sml examples
exercise1.3.prolog simple prolog examples
exercise2.4.prolog simple prolog examples
fa2ad.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2aprn.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2ava.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2fa.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2mnrn.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2mva.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2swaim1.png feynman's arrows 2
fa2tmami.png feynman's arrows 2
factmachine.clj messing with register machines
factor.clj factorization
factorial.clj added another fragment
factorial.lisp factorial! python hello world programs
factorial.scm added various fragments
factorial_tests.clj namespaces and tests
factorialclojarstest.clj try factorial on clojars
factorise.clj various different factorisation functions
factorsandodes.wxm maxima
fastfib.clj stuff
fc.c hello world c programs
fc2.c hello world c programs
fc3.c hello world c programs
fc4.c hello world c programs
fern.png simple plotter improved create-window
feynmansarrows.clj more arrow-related musings
feynmansarrows2.clj feynman's arrows 2
fib.clj tidy some old python programs from a backup better fibturtle
filecopy.c hello world c programs
filecopy2.c hello world c programs
fileio.clj file i/o methods
filetransfer.txt blog article on file transfer
findindex.clj Indexing into a vector
finite-automata.clj automata
firststeps-four.jl tidied up a bit
firststeps-one.jl first steps in julia
firststeps-three.jl program three
firststeps-two.jl speling
firststeps.jl tidied up a bit
firststeps.wxm various maxima programs
fix this stopped being an xinitrc file some time ago, and is now a file o…
fizzbuzz.clj foolishness
fizzbuzz2.clj tidy add some sub-urls
flux.wxm flux
fnor.clj fizz-buzz, the monad
fooScript.sml hol hello
food.prolog simple prolog examples
formatter.clj added fragments from netbook
fortimes.clj various itila files
forvisualvm.clj test code for visualvm profiling
forvsmap.clj for vs map blog post, most probably
fourier.clj more fourier essay
fractal-fern.clj add the pointless and annoying word core, just because java is so crap
fractaltree-stuart-halloway.clj fractal tree timings
fractaltree.clj Merge branch 'master' of
français.clj url handling
freedensity.wxm free density matrix approximation
freedensitymatrix.wxm various quantum things
frequencies.clj different ways to write frequencies
friends.prolog simple prolog examples
functional_mutual_recursion.clj cps, trampolining, mutual recursion experiments
functional_sudoku_solver.clj functional version of sudoku solver
gateauxbutnotfrechet.wxm maxima-things
gaussian integral.wxm integral guessing
gaussian random walks version 2.wxm gaussian random walks / levy sampling calculations
gaussian random walks.wxm gaussian random walks / levy path sampling
gaussian.clj maximum likelihood for one gaussian for the points 1,3,5
gaussianintegral.c calculate gaussian integral
gausstailapprox.wxm some calculations for guessing the size of the tail of a gaussian
gcdmachine.asm assembler version of the gcdmachine
gcdmachine.clj tidying up
genealogy.prolog simple prolog examples
generating-type-hints.clj type hinting in macros
gitignore ignore matlab and octave workspace files
glob.clj Merge branch 'master' of…
google-charts.clj added fragments from netbook
google-search.el google search for emacs
google-social-graph-sites.txt websites associated with me
google.png it's a fair cop
gospershack.clj thoughts on the mighty gosper's hack
graph.ocaml more big graph related flailings
graphics.clj turtle graphics example
graphsearch.clj fully iterative version
graphsearch.ocaml more big graph related flailings
grid.svg svg experiments
gridpattern.clj bugfixing and tidying up
group-by.clj blog posts ocaml stuff
guessing an integral.wxm integral guessing
gui.clj stuff
hacking_your_own_mind_at_the_age_of_four.txt published version
hadooptest install tests for hadoop
harmonicoscillator.wxm various quantum things
harmonicoscillatorbutwithfunctions.wxm various quantum things
hello-gl.f.glsl this version totally does something
hello-gl.v.glsl this version totally does something sqlalchemy tutorial
hello.asm hello assembler
hello.c hello world c programs
hello.clj added fragments from netbook
hello.jl hello world for julia some old python programs from a backup
hellochina.clj hello china blogpost
hermiterecurrence.wxm a nice way to get the recurrent hermite polynomials as functions
heron2.clj new blog posts
heron2newton.clj new blog posts turn binary into human-readable hex file
hideousodeexample.wxm more maxima
highlight-parentheses.el rainbow brackets histogram example
history.clj moved svggrid.clj to history.clj and wrote simplified version for blo…
hogwarts.prolog simple prolog examples
howdoyouprogramwithoutrecursion.clj memoized recursion broken
htmlscrape.clj example parsing python hello world programs
hypersphererecurrence.wxm hyperspheres
hyperspherevols.wxm maxima hypersphere stuff
imaxima-demo more maxima
improving-find-doc.clj improvements to find-doc
indentical.clj identical particles/ignore octave cores
infinite_primes.wxm maxima why there are infinitely many primes
infix.clj infix arithmetic function
instaweb.scm added various fragments
integral.c numerical integration 101
interpolatinggaussians.wxm gaussian random walks / levy sampling calculations
introduction.clj added fragments from netbook
inversions.clj counting inversions by divide and conquer
ipsec.clj aes encrypt/decrypt via java library
irises.clj stuff
isitbiased.clj further tossing
iterativefactorialmachine.asm it works, and yet I am ashamed of it
iterativefactorialmachine.clj interpreter for sicp register machine language
itila-laplace.clj more bayes programs
itila-linear-regression.clj more bayes programs
itila1.4.clj further hamming
itila1.clj more information theory
jack.c jack c version
jack.clj square roots for jack
jealousy.prolog simple prolog examples
jerry.c jerry program
jihad-scanner.clj new blog posts
jimquestion.clj files relating to jim's question about symbols, vars and functions.
joy.chess.clj from 'The Joy of Clojure'
joy.clj things from joy of clojure
joy2.clj various bits from joy of clojure
joy3.clj various bits from joy of clojure
joy4.clj various bits from joy of clojure
joy5.clj various bits from joy of clojure
joy6.clj context switch so stashing unfinished k-means and some joy
joy7.clj context switch so stashing unfinished k-means and some joy
joyrefs.clj things from joy of clojure
k-means-2.clj k-means so far
k-means.clj format
kalman-filter-1.clj average filter
kb1.prolog simple prolog examples
kb2.prolog simple prolog examples
kb3.prolog simple prolog examples
kb4.prolog simple prolog examples
killfloats.js javascript function for turning fixed elements into static elements
knapsack.clj fiddle
knapsack2.clj bloody shed
knapsacks.c speedier knapsack
kruskal-union-find.clj further union-finding
kruskal.clj can do maximal tree too!
learn-me.hs haskell and clojure and python versions of the same thing
learning_clojure_blogger_template.xml added blogger templates
leiningeninitfile.clj how leiningen starts nrepl and other things
les_fleurs_du_mal_blogger_template.xml added blogger templates
levenshtein-distance.clj blog posts
levenshtein-trampoline.clj change of title
levypathsampling.wxm gaussian random walks / levy sampling calculations
libGL.scm added various fragments
linearcongruentialrandomnumbergenerators.clj linearcongruentialrandomnumbergenerators
lineintegral.wxm fix bug
linked-data.clj playing with linked data
linkedlist.c Build and destroy a linked list.
listcomprehensionvsmap.clj Merge branch 'master' of
log-linear-regression.wxm maxima
logvssum.wxm math nerding
loom.clj examples for loom
ls.clj added fragments from netbook
lsrt.clj lsrt
macros.clj some macros
makefile recursive factorial translated into x86 assembler
makelinks.bash fonts.conf file
manypoints.clj further mixture modelling
map-destructuring.clj add ring session destructuring example
martin.clj A very simple clojure web app as demonstrated to Martin
matrix.clj play with core.matrix
max-key.clj some code written while reading a blog
maxent.clj maximum entropy?
maxfinder.clj finding maxima
maxima-integration-tutorial.wxm more maxima more maxima
maximaintro.wxm maxima intro
medusa.clj stopping repl lock up with long results
memoize.clj added fragments from netbook
memoizedrecurrence.wxm maxima
methods.wxm various maxima programs lb to kg converter for mum
microsoftproblem.clj microsoft Plato and Socrates problem
microsoftvariant.clj microsoft Plato and Socrates problem
minimal-web-app.clj added fragments from netbook
monads.clj added fragments from netbook
monads10.clj added fragments from netbook
monads11.clj added fragments from netbook
monads12.clj added fragments from netbook
monads13.clj added fragments from netbook
monads14.clj added fragments from netbook
monads2.clj added fragments from netbook
monads3.clj added fragments from netbook
monads4.clj added fragments from netbook
monads5.clj added fragments from netbook
monads6.clj added fragments from netbook
monads7.clj added fragments from netbook
monads8.clj added fragments from netbook
monads9.clj added fragments from netbook
monads_pub.clj monads file from pub, trampoline experiments
monadsblogdebugging.clj added fragments from netbook
monadsblogsequence.clj added fragments from netbook
montecarlobeach.wxm maxima
mount.bash shell script to mount various devices in various places
moving-average-blog-post.clj Athenaic transform
moving-average.clj Athenaic transform
multimethods.clj minor edits to multimethods example
multipleplotsdifferentdomains.wxm maxima
mystery.c gosper
naivebayes.clj grr
naivebayes2.clj made it into a blog article
nakkaya-xml-pprint.clj nakkaya's xml pretty printer
namespaces.clj added fragments from netbook
nathandata.clj data from a bad experiment
natsci1aexamplesheet3.wxm problems from example sheet
nested-map.clj added fragments from netbook
netscanner.clj added fragments from netbook
newton-raphson-dojo-2.clj Newton-Raphson Dojo Files
newton-raphson-dojo.clj reformat and tidy
niddabeille.clj added fragments from netbook
numberpermutations.clj A rather fabulous way of numbering permutations
numericalintegration.clj maths stuff
numericalintegrationI.clj split numerical integration post
numericalintegrationII.clj various numerical integration thoughts
numericalintegrationIII.clj numerical integration
numericalintegrationIV.clj numerical integration
numericalintegrationV.clj numerical integration
numericalintegrationVI.clj typo
ocaml_intro.ocaml more big graph related flailings
occamsrazor.clj occam's razor, edited for readability
octave-smoothing.m octave smoothing routines
octave_matlab_compatibility_test.m a script that checks whether we're in octave or matlab
oldmavenhello.clj simple maven/clojure/swank project
opengl.c just reformatting I think
optimizing-a-map.clj experimenting with clojure 1.3 on this file
overtone.clj some scraps left from a chat with Sam Aaron about Overtone
parametric_plots.wxm maxima
park.svg haskell tutorial input file
partial_derivatives.wxm more maxima
partialfractiondecomposition.wxm various maxima programs
partition function for the permutation groups.wxm more maxima
partition-by-equivalence.clj snip old stuff off the bottom. whitespace
partition.wxm failed attempt to prove partition function formula
partition_function_for_symmetric_groups.wxm more maxima
pattern-match.clj added fragments from netbook
people.txt lisperati haskell tutorial
peter.clj Peter Murray-Rust's first go at Clojure
pgm.clj rubbish attempt at factor ops
philosophers.clj added fragments from netbook
pig-latin.clj added fragments from netbook
planesinspace.clj planes in spaaace.
planesinspace2.clj tidy
planesinspace3.clj tidy
planesinspace4.clj planes
plaza-w3c.clj experiments with plaza/rdf
plot-vector-field.wxm more maxima
poisson.clj tidy up cruft at the end
pom.1.1.xml version specific poms
pom.1.2.xml version specific poms
pom.1.3-alpha4.xml version specific poms
pom.1.4.xml whitespace
pom.xml repair damage caused by clojure 1.3
pong.clj really added them this time
population.clj blue eyes vs brown
positions.clj inconclusive thoughts about interesting stack overflow question
postgresql.clj postgresql experiment
prag.prolog simple prolog examples
prettyfuckingsafe.txt a blog post
primes.clj finding the bug in Rich Hickey's fast sieve
principal-components.m principal component analysis
probability.txt various itila files
project.clj async demo code
projectile.m some octave things
public.bleed.xml need clojars repository for swank and latest contrib
publickey.clj Essay on RSA
puzzles.clj programs to solve some puzzles on a webpage added various fragments demo of python debugging really added them this time
pyths.clj added fragments from netbook
qmusingca.wxm maxima-things
quadraticregression.clj attempt at quadratic regression search
quicksort-count-comparisons.clj much quicksortage
quicksort.clj quicksort
quicksort2.clj quicksort
quote-unquote.clj kata about quoting
rabbitmq.clj tidied rabbitmq python example rabbitmq python example
radegund_captain.txt final edit, send to steve
random_thoughts_blogger_template.xml added blogger templates
randomized-contraction-algorithm.clj randomized contraction algorithm
rdf.clj rdf experiments from alex miller's blog
rdf.pom.xml a pom for the plaza rdf library
readerisunsafe.clj the reader is unsafe
rect.xml svg experiments
recursive-macro-expansion.clj another blog post
recursivefactorialmachine.asm recursive factorial translated into x86 assembler
redefine-str.clj added fragments from netbook
reduce.c improving reduce article
reduce.clj final version of reduce essay
reductions.clj description of the writing of reduce-seq which turned out to be calle…
ref-example.clj added fragments from netbook python refresher
regdatasmoothexample.m octave smoothing routines
regex.clj something about regexes
registermachines.clj factorials in hex
regression.clj something about rsquared for various regression coefficients
regular-tetrahedron.clj mm, brackets
repeated_trials.clj A statistics program, and moved pom.xml to clojure 1.2 to avoid arith…
repetition-coding.clj various bits of maths
replserver.clj a very simple clojure webapp
require-all-snippet.clj added clojure-inspector, *print-length* and *print-level* back to 103
require-all.clj A blog entry about requiring all available namespaces.
requireclojurecontrib.clj beginnings of essay on requiring every clojure contrib library so you…
rerumcognoscerecausas.clj detection of common cause
rerumcognoscerecausas2.clj Split into two because the bit about the model probabilities expanded…
rerumcognoscerecausas3.clj add bit
rerumcognoscerecausas4.clj conclusion of despair
rigoletto.txt edit rigoletto review
rkfelberg.cpp runge-kutta routine nicked from somewhere
rule_of_succession.clj laplace's rule of succession
runge-kutta.clj runge-kutta essay growing to ludicrous lengths
runtimerequire.clj pomegranate writeup
samexamples.repl some scraps left from a chat with Sam Aaron about Overtone
scheduling.clj blogpostize
schrodinger.wxm maxima-things
scrapcode.clj added fragments from netbook
scratch.clj arccos in degrees
scratch.ocaml ocaml stuff Improvement to screensaver kill script suggested by Stack Overflow
sdl.lisp really added them this time
self-referential-blog-post.clj Attempt to write a blog post that can parse itself.
sequence-xor.clj added fragments from netbook
setproofScript.sml with Ramana in Waterstones, proving a theorem from Halmos
shannon_entropy.clj various itila files add cricket nets to take list
shred-user.clj shred-user blogpost
sieve.clj factorization
simple-plotter-2.clj beginnings of double-buffered version of simple plotter
simple.pom.xml simple pom needs clojars repository for the now deprecated swank-clojure
simple_plotter.clj clojure.contrib.def has buggered off. fix.
simplebayes.clj further editing of bayes file
simpledraw.clj added fragments from netbook
simpson.clj simpson's paradox example numbers
sipsvsmaxima.wxm maxima fails on these integrals that sips says he can do
sixsigma.wxm maxima
skills.txt skills
skillz.txt skills
slime-copy-to-repl.el sieve and repl-copy
smallest-web-app.clj added fragments from netbook
snippet.html added javascript clojure highlighting snippet
snippets simple maven/clojure/swank project
snips.clj added fragments from netbook
soexp.clj stack overflow question
softkmeans.clj context switch so stashing unfinished k-means and some joy
sogreek.clj a very cut down pom and the stack overflow bug that necessitated it
soloop.clj a stack overflow question added various fragments
solveodes.wxm maxima-things
somacs.clj stack overflow macro question
somultidefs.clj stack overflow multi definition question
sonamespaces.clj answer to stack overflow question
spelling-corrector.clj added fragments from netbook
spiral.m some octave things
spiral.png more arrow-fun example python script with emacs keys
spockcoins.clj more bayes
squares.svg some pictures of rectangles
squarish.clj Various number theory problems
stack-overflow-threads-question.clj a program from a stack overflow question. I can no longer remember wh…
stack_overflow_reduction.clj stack overflow question (got beaten to the answer) us states anagram puzzle
stats.clj experiments with incanter
stats1.clj tidy up stats
statuses don't go looking in snapshot directories for things under version con…
stirling.clj various bits of maths
stochasticsphere.c sphere volume by random sampling
stokestheorem.wxm An example of Stokes' Theorem (or Green's theorem in the plane)
stripped.pom.xml a very cut down pom and the stack overflow bug that necessitated it
style.css added fragments from netbook
sudoku.clj functional version of sudoku solver added sdl examples and trampoline thing
sudoku.txt added various fragments
sudoku_hard.txt added various fragments
sumsofinversepowers.wxm math nerding
svggrid.clj now with black death
swank-break.clj essay on swank.core/break
symbdiff1.clj jim spotted error
table.clj added required require and commented out test results
tabletest.html svg in html table
take-while-unstable.clj cct is a local alias, so do it properly
tanxequalsx.wxm maxima
taylor.m maths lecture stuff
test.html added various fragments a makefile that plays with quoting
test.txt test
test2.html added various fragments
testmacro.clj added fragments from netbook
thedemonoutofnightmare.txt blogpost and gaussians
threadingmacro.clj awesome threading macro. needs clojure.walk to work properly.
threads.clj added fragments from netbook
threefns.clj threefns
threefor.clj added fragments from netbook
tinyfn.clj fixed the axis bug in simple plotter, which allows for longer bayes s…
trace-fib.clj fixing broken trace and memoize
tramp.clj tidying trampolines
trampoline.clj trampolines
travellingsalesman.clj travelling salesman complete with slowness and bug
trig.wxm various maxima programs
trigpowers.wxm high power trig integrals with change of variables in maxima
triples.clj haskell and clojure and python versions of the same thing haskell and clojure and python versions of the same thing jerry's example tripos question
trotterdecomposition.wxm trotter decomposition
truthtables.html truth tables
tryc.clj exception swallowing
tutorial.hs aah, tutorial is not broken, ubuntu haskell is.
twogaussians.clj further mixture modelling
typeerror.clj foolishness
typeintorepl.clj attempts to make things faster
u.clj repair damage caused by clojure 1.3
understanding_the_repl.clj files relating to jim's question about symbols, vars and functions.
understandingrepl.txt files relating to jim's question about symbols, vars and functions.
union-find.clj oops
union-find2.clj further union-finding
uniqdotbashhistory edited uniqified version of bash history
unix_tips_blogger_template.xml added blogger templates
unpack-random.clj unpack random
unstoppablepopup.html evil popup program I nicked
urns.clj probability
various.wxm more maxima-things
various_plots.wxm more maxima
vectors_with_vect.wxm more maxima
verylazy.clj added fragments from netbook
vonevilfiend2.clj beard's modification to 100 prisoners 100 boxes
votingparadox.clj triumph of the median
weather.txt trying out weka ml library
web-app-with-db.clj added fragments from netbook
web-graphics.clj svg graphics in a web app
weightedsumsofcossquareds.wxm adding various geometric series in cos squared
wekatest.clj trying out weka ml library
whatispoisson.clj poisson distribution
windowandstars.clj itila problem
wireless-shell.txt more wirelessness
wirelessreset.bash wireless reset rubbish
wirelesstrouble.txt screwing around with wireless
word-count.clj parallel map-reduce word counter
xml-processing.clj svg experiments
zipper.clj examples for
zxsin.clj further simple plotter stuff
zxsin.png simple plotter improved create-window
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