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Script Kit v2

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Support through Discord Advanced Widgets
Screen Recording
Desktop Color Picker
Measure Tool
Debug from IDE

Script Kit Dev Setup

Note: This ain't pretty 😅

Requirements: yarn 1

Why both npm and yarn?

The App was created with a long time ago. They require yarn and webpack.

I have been unable to prioritize the time to switch over to another build system or keeping up with the boilerplate, especially with so many moving pieces.

Thus, we use yarn to build the App and npm to build the SDK 🤦‍♂️

Note: A huge focus of v3 will be to clean up this mess and make it much, much easier to contribute.

Using node 18.18.2 from ~/.knode

Installing already installed node 18.18.2 to ~/.knode. You'll want to use this node version for all build/run steps:


This will use 18.18.2's node/npm when working with Kit. (Alternatively, you can use nvm/n/whatever, but I don't)

  • Use volta to manage node versions.
    1. Install volta
    2. Volta will automatically switch node version to 18.18.2 when working with kit.

Clone Kit SDK

Clone: git clone

Install: npm install

Clone Kit App

Clone: git clone

Install: yarn

(Skip if you already have a kenv from production) Clone the base kenv

Clone: git clone ~/.kenv

Building Kit SDK

npm run build-kit

The build command builds the SDK to ~/.kit

yarn link (First run only)

  1. cd to ~/.kit
  2. yarn link
  3. cd to ~/wherever you cloned kitapp
  4. yarn link @johnlindquist/kit

This will force the App to use the SDK so you can work on both simultaneously

Building the App

yarn webpack-dev
yarn install-electron-deps
yarn start

Assuming everything went well, the app should start up.