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Python3 utility to generate a .clang-format file from example code-base.


Given the path to a C, C++ or Objective-C project, attempts to generate the perfect .clang-format file. It does this by producing configuration files with random variations and measuring how much code they would change. Finally the configuration file with the least change is output.


Tested under Python 3.5 using clang-format 3.9 and clang-format 3.8.

Python modules you'll need to install:

To add dependencies to a Ubuntu or Debian system:

sudo apt install clang-format python3-levenshtein python3-yaml


If Unformat is cloned into /home/abc/unformat and C++ source code is in /home/abc/my_project,

python3 /home/abc/unformat --root /home/abc/my_project /home/abc/my_project/**/*.h /home/abc/my_project/**/*.cpp

will search for the best .clang-format file. It will start searching from /home/abc/my_project/.clang-format and will write new configurations to that location as they are found. (Note you must have globstar enabled to make use of recursive (**) wildcards.)

The search may continue indefinitely. Press Ctrl-C to stop early. Any intermediate results will be written out.


To submit feedback and bug reports, please file an issue.
For another solution to this problem, check out whatstyle.