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The easiest way to add script to your SharePoint and SharePoint Online
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User Custom Actions Config Page

The following is what I consider to be the easiest way to add script to your SharePoint and SharePoint Online

"Inject JavaScript to any Site or Site Collection via a User Custom Action's ScriptLink property."

2016-03-10 Update

  • Add Script ID - this enables PnP SharePoint 2013/2016 Responsive UI to be installed by copying 3 files!
  • Dropped /SiteAssets/ in path, this means you can add deep nested paths into other libraries, or even subsites. ~sitecollection/ + url (before was ~sitecollection/SiteAssets/ + url

Why use User Custom Actions?

This is a great technique because it lets you:

  • Add JavaScript anywhere - scoped to Site Collection or Site.
  • Add CSS via JavaScript
  • You can add more than 1 CSS file
  • Order them the way you want via Sequence
  • You can combine this to load your initial JavaScript file which can be a RequireJS setup and then hand off the controls to RequireJS config
  • Does not modify MasterPage
  • Works in SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online
  • Only need Site Collection permissions to set up - you don't need to have a Farm Solution or Add-In Model. The permission is only required to set up the ScriptLink.
  • The object model provides a way for an administrator to check all the User Custom Actions attached to any site/site collection, so there's a level of oversight available if you want to check if your customizations are ready for migration.

There are various ways to attach a script via User Custom Actions.

  • Remote Provisioning (Pattern and Practice) uses it via C# CSOM
  • PowerShell remote provisioning
  • Farm Solution can invoke the API
  • Sandbox Solution can invoke the Client Side Object Model API (*with permission)
  • Add-In can invoke the CSOM API as well (with Site Collection - Full Control permission)

The unfortunate part is, there's no UI for a power user to add or view ScriptLinks directly. You need to spin up SharePoint Manager or read/update it via PowerShell.

So what do you have here?

I build a simple config page in JavaScript. Then I did a load of work to make sure everything runs from One Page.


I also brand it to look a bit like SharePoint. Just a bit.



  • Drop configure-page.aspx into a SiteAssets or SitePages library.
  • The JavaScript on the page detects and loads some dependencies (jQuery, SP.js etc).
  • Provided you have site collection permissions, it'll list all existing User Custom Actions
  • You can specify a filename (including any subfolders like spg/hello.js) and give it a sequence number (default to 1000). Then you can install a Custom Action to Site Collection or Current Web. All via the magic of JavaScript.

Specifying different sequence numbers.

hello.js is sequence 1000. hello1.js is sequence 999.



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