@johnrengelman johnrengelman released this Aug 26, 2014 · 277 commits to master since this release

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  • (Breaking Change!) Fix leaking of shadowJar.manifest into jar.manifest. (Issue #82)
    To simplify behavior, the shadowJar.appendManifest method has been removed. Replace uses with shadowJar.manifest
  • ShadowTask now has a configurations property that is resolved to the files in the resolved configuration before
    being added to the copy spec. This allows for an easier implementation for filtering. The default 'shadowJar' task
    has the convention of adding the 'runtime' scope to this list. Manually created instances of ShadowTask have no
    configurations added by default and can be configured by setting task.configurations.
  • Properly configure integration with the 'maven' plugin when added. When adding 'maven' the 'uploadShadow' task
    will now properly configure the POM dependencies by removing the 'compile' and 'runtime' configurations from the
    POM and adding the 'shadow' configuration as a RUNTIME scope in the POM. This behavior matches the behavior when
    using the 'maven-publish' plugin.
  • Matt Hurne - Allow ServiceFileTransformer to specify include/exclude patterns for
    files within the configured path to merge.
  • Matt Hurne - Added GroovyExtensionModuleTransformer for merging Groovy Extension module
    descriptor files. The existing ServiceFileTransformer now excludes Groovy Extension Module descriptors by default.
  • distShadowZip and distShadowZip now contain the shadow library and run scripts instead of the default from the 'application' plugin (Issue #89)