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BodilessJS is a toolset for building editable websites in a JAMStack. It is based on the idea that, for many sites, a full-blown CMS is unnecessary overhead and introduces more problems than it solves, including:

  • Complex workflows, especially when changes to "content" and "presentation" are linked
  • Complex editorial interfaces, especially when "presentation" is treated as "content"
  • Increased security vulnerabilities
  • Higher hosting, maintenance, and operational costs

CMS's are great for some use-cases--for example when there is a lot of reusable content, where content is highly relational, or where presentation is highly standardized and templatized. However, for the most part, CMS's are simply unnecessary.

Sites built in a JAMStack tend to fall into two categories:

  • "Headless" implementations, where content is managed in a CMS and pulled into the site at build time,
  • "Bodiless" implementations, where content is managed alongside the code in the repository (often in markdown files).

As you might expect, BodilessJS follows the latter pattern, and provides tools which allow non-developers to edit the content inline using a browser. This is not to say that a website built with BodilessJS can't pull content from an external CMS, but if most of your content is managed externally, there may be other toolkits that better fit your use case.

BodilessJS is being developed at J&J to meet specific use-cases in the consumer marketing space. The design and architecture are based on learnings from many years of experience trying to build and operate a large-scale Drupal 7 platform to support customer-facing sites.

Instant Start

git clone
npm run setup
npm run start

NOTE: Do not run npm install at repository root. Use npm run setup instead.

Then Visit localhost:8005 in your browser.

Requires NodeJS (LTS Gallium: node 16.13+/npm 8.0+ only)