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Free for non-commercial use. See LICENSE for details. Copyright Coherent Graphics Ltd 2013.

This code builds two things:

a) The CPDF PDF Command Line Tools, which are a popular commercial command line tool for editing PDF files.

b) cpdf as an OCaml library.

Prerequisites to build

The OCaml compiler


The camlpdf library


The ocamlfind library manager


If you are using the OPAM package manager:


these can be installed by:

opam install camlpdf

To build

If downloading from Github, obtain the correct source. This means choosing the tag for a particaular version, such as "v2.1.1". The head of the master branch is unstable.

  1. Type make to make the cpdf executable and the library

  2. Type make install to install the OCaml cpdf library.

The cpdf executable should be manually placed somewhere suitable.

Alternatively, the library and command-line binary can be installed by

opam install cpdf


The file cpdfmanual.pdf in this folder is the documentation for the command line tools. The documentation for the cpdf OCaml library is in doc/html/cpdf/ in this folder once the library has been built.