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Smart Jump


This packages tries to smartly go to definition leveraging several methods to do so.

If one method fails, this package will go on to the next one, eventually falling back to dumb-jump.


Install using use-package.

(use-package smart-jump :ensure t)

Take a look at the examples below to register a smart-jump and then use it with the standard jump keys. (e.g. M-., M-, M-?).

Alternatively, clone this repo, add it to Emacs’ load-path and then require smart-jump.

There’s also some ready made smart-jumps. Just call smart-jump-setup-default-registers.

(use-package smart-jump
  :ensure t


Bare minimum example

Sets up smart-jump for js2-mode with default settings. Defaults will use the built-in xref functions first and fall back to dumb-jump if that fails.

(smart-jump-register :modes '(js2-mode))

Multiple modes

Sets up smart-jump for both emacs-lisp-mode and lisp-interaction-mode.

(smart-jump-register :modes '(emacs-lisp-mode lisp-interaction-mode)
                     :jump-fn 'elisp-slime-nav-find-elisp-thing-at-point
                     :pop-fn 'pop-tag-mark
                     :should-jump t
                     :heuristic 'error
                     :async nil)

Supporting Asynchronous Functions

Sometimes GoToDefinition is written in an asynchronous fashion which makes it tricky to fallback to the next GoToDefinition method. This package supports that case. Just set the :async parameter.

(smart-jump-register :modes 'java-mode
                     :jump-fn 'ggtags-find-tag-dwim
                     :pop-fn 'ggtags-prev-mark
                     :should-jump t
                     :heuristic 'point
                     :async t)
;; This sets a custom timeout.
(smart-jump-register :modes 'csharp-mode
                     :jump-fn 'omnisharp-go-to-definition
                     :pop-fn 'pop-tag-mark
                     :should-jump t
                     :heuristic 'point
                     :async 500)

Finding References with Fallback

(smart-jump-register :modes 'tide-mode
                     :jump-fn 'tide-jump-to-definition
                     :pop-fn 'tide-jump-back
                     :refs-fn 'tide-references
                     :should-jump t
                     :heuristic 'point
                     :async t)

A more complex example

Register different GoToDefinition functions with c-mode.

(smart-jump-register :modes '(c-mode c++-mode)
                     :jump-fn 'ggtags-find-tag-dwim
                     :pop-fn 'ggtags-prev-mark
                     :refs-fn 'ggtags-find-reference
                     :should-jump t
                     :heuristic 'point
                     :async 500
                     :order 2)

(smart-jump-register :modes '(c-mode c++-mode)
                     :jump-fn 'rtags-find-symbol-at-point
                     :pop-fn 'rtags-location-stack-back
                     :refs-fn 'rtags-find-all-references-at-point
                     :should-jump (lambda ()
                                     (fboundp 'rtags-executable-find)
                                     (rtags-executable-find "rc")
                     :heuristic 'point
                     :async 500
                     :order 1)

In this case, the fallback strategy is ->

  • For Jumping

rtags-find-symbol-at-point -> ggtags-find-tag-dwim -> dumb-jump-go

  • For Finding References

rtags-find-all-references-at-point -> ggtags-find-reference -> smart-jump-simple-find-references

The :order keyword in this case designates the sort order of the jumps.

Take a look at this for more examples.


Peek to Definition ./screenshots/peek.png

Help Wanted :)

Look into issue tracker! Add tests! Add more default smart-jump registers.

Running Tests

make test
make lint
make compile