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eulerr 2.0.0

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@jolars jolars released this 21 Jun 15:24

Major changes

  • eulerr() has been replaced with euler() (see update 1.1.0) and made
  • There are two new methods for euler:
    • euler.list() produces diagrams from a list of sample spaces.
    • euler.table() produces diagrams from a table object, as long as there
      are no dimensions with values greater than 2.
  • plot.euler() has been rewritten (again) from the ground up to better match
    other high-level functions from lattice. This change is intended to be
    as smooth as possible and should not make much of a difference to most users.
  • Arguments polygon_args, mar, and text_args to plot.euler() have been
    made defunct.

Minor changes

  • plot.euler() handles conflicting arguments better.
  • c++ routines in eulerr now use registration.
  • euler() now allows single sets (#9).
  • Labels in plot.euler() now use a bold fontface by default in order to
    distinguish them from the typeface used for counts.
  • Argument key in plot.euler() has been deprecated and replaced with
    auto.key. Notice that using key does not throw a warning since the
    argument is used in lattice::xyplot() (which plot.euler() relies on).
  • Argument fill_opacity is softly deprecated and has been replaced with
    fill_alpha for consistency with other lattice functions.

Bug fixes

  • border argument in plot.euler() works again (#7).