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A Gomoku game implements with WebAssembly
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A Gomoku game implements with WebAssembly

This project try to implement Gomoku game engine with AssemblyScript, and game GUI with AssemblyScript and as2d.
The game engine can run in browser environment and server environment, GUI only run in browser, so you can put the engine on remote server or local. So it is possible that WebAssembly developers can develop cloud and client applications in a unified way in the future.


    npm install
    npm run build


    npm run release


    npm run dev

or run by python server(do not need node env)


open http://localhost:1234 with browser.

Online Demo


  • AssemblyScript A TypeScript to WebAssembly compiler
  • as2d brings 2D to AssemblyScript
  • wangdongdongc/Gomoku A typescript Gomoku game, gomoku-wasm's game logic is mainly draws on this project.
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