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libtscaling Temperature scaling for neural network calibration

This library allows calibration of neural networks. See ( for detailed problem description and solutions.


Modern deep architectures have good prediction power, but are generally over confident. The idea is to use a validation set after initial training in order to add a distillation phase between training and production (predictions) allowing to calibrate confidence over this unseen set. The output of this library is a distillation temperature to be used for scaling logits before softmax a prediction time (logits should be divided by final temperature before softmax).


Either liblbfgs (liblbfgs-dev on ubuntu) or lbfgspp ( that needs eigen.


Cmake based. If USE_LBFGSPP is turned off, then LBFGS_LIB is mandatory (auto detected in standard pathes); inversely, if LBFGS_LIB is not found, USE_LBFGSPP is forced to on. in details:

  • mkdir build && cd build
  • cmake .. for using system liblbfgs or cmake .. -DLBFGSPP_LIB=path/to/lbfgspp_clone
  • make


Example usage

API is going to change !!!

important methods:

  • TempScaler::setData(logits, validation_true_labels)

  • TempScaler::calibrate() gives the final temperature

  • CalibrationError(number_of_bins)

  • CalibrationError::setData(confidences, predictions, targets)

  • CalibrationError::ECE() gives expected calibration error

  • CalibrationError::MCE() gives maximum calibration error

  • CalibrationError::percents() gives percent of samples per confidence bin

  • CalibrationError::accuracies() gives accuracies per confidence bin

  • CalibrationError::to_py() output a matploblib'ed python file showing graphs as in (