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JoliCi is a free and open source Continuous Integration Client written in PHP (5.4 minimum) and powered by Docker (please use a recent version). It has been written to be compliant with existent Ci services like Travis-Ci and not create a new standard. (Remove that smile, I KNOW what you're thinking.)

This project is still in beta, there may be bugs and missing features

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## Usage

Have a .travis.yml in your project

Download the last version of jolici and run it, i.e. for v0.3.1:

php jolici.phar run

First run can be quite long since it has to build everything from the beginning. Subsequent build should be faster thanks to docker caching.

JoliCi Demo

If you want to see what happens behind this black box:

php jolici.phar run -v

## Ci supported

  • Travis-Ci
  • ...

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View the LICENSE file attach to this project.