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A simple client for reporting 404 server errors to the "404 project" at

Please see the instructions at for creating an ISC account retrieving the ISC ID and the Authentication key.


npm install 404project



Using as a plugin for express.js:

var express = require("express");
var reporter = require("404project");
var myUserID = process.argv[2] || "[Your ISC ID]";
var myKey = process.argv[3] || "[Your Authentication Key]";
var app = express.createServer();

app.use(reporter(myUserID, myKey));


The same code also works for connect.js. Just replace

var express = require("express");


var express = require("connect");

Other Frameworks

Users of different frameworks can call the functionreturned by reporter(myUserID, myKey) directly using:

// ...
var report = reporter(myUserID, myKey);

report(request, response);
// ...


// ...
var report = reporter(myUserID, myKey);

report(url, ip, ua, timestamp);
// ...

Command-Line Support

There is also a command-line tool:

bin/404reporter 036742670 aaaaaaaaaaaabbcccccccccccceeeeeeeeffffff "" jakarta


In case of error, dshield does not provide a terrific amount of debugging support, but an message is produced if the value 404project is part of the NODE_DEBUG environment variable.

export NODE_DEBUG="404project"

The library prints 404project: OK if the data was submitted correctly and 404project: ERROR if it did not. Please double-check you ISC ID and the Authentication key in case you encounter problems.

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