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tswss is a Twisted Static & WebSocket Server. That is, it's a web server in Twisted (Python) that:

  1. serves up initial static app content, and
  2. communicates with that app via websockets thereafter

It's a minimal implementation.

It seems to me that Twisted ain't the cool kid on the block anymore. But at work I need a robust server that's proven. Twisted fits the bill.

This isn't meant to be a library that you just import and use. Rather, you're supposed to grab the code and run with it. (SLOC is itty-bitty.) The example works, huzzah!, but typically you'd use it as a base to make something real.

For my use case, I just want to write desktop apps going forward with web technologies. Twisted allows me to connect up any existing enterprise services to my web apps easily.

Install'n It

  1. Install Python 2.7.x
  2. Install Twisted
  3. Install Zope.Interface (required by Twisted)
  4. Install AutobahnPython

Run'n It

  1. You will need a web browser that supports WebSockets
  2. Navigate to the directory where you installed/placed tswss
  3. Enter the /test-app directory
  4. Open app.html
  5. Change 'my-machine-name' in the line 'App.connect("ws://my-machine-name:6789")' to whatever the name of your local machine is
  6. Navigate to the root directory where is located (one up)
  7. Enter the command 'python'
  8. Open a WebSocket compatible browser and hit http://localhost:8000

Configurin' It

  1. Open
  2. Read, understand, and change - you can do it!

Date'n It

This was made on the 5th of December, 2012. The versions of the software used at that time were:

  1. Python: 2.7.3
  2. Twisted: 12.0.0
  3. Zope.Interface: 4.0.1
  4. AutobahnPython: 0.5.2
  5. Browser: Chrome 23.0, Firefox 15.0-18.0, Opera 12.11, Blackberry 7.0+, IE10 (not in Compat View - must be running in full IE10 mode (hit F12 for developer tools to make sure))

Other Browsers


Safari 5.1.7 would not work (I believe due to it implementing an older version of the WebSocket spec). I hear Safari 6.0 works fine. Unfortunately I do not have access to an Apple OS to test this.


No. I hear that either the latest Firefox, or Firefox dev channel for Android has support for WebSockets. Unfortunately, I do not have access to an Android device to test this.

Windows Phone 8

I hear it's all a-ok. Unfortunately, I do not have access to an Windows Phone 8 device to test this.