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Makes CKEditor available as a filter for your page parts

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Radiant CKEditor Filter Extension

Author Benny Degezelle - Gorilla Webdesign
Contact: benny AT gorilla-webdesign DOT be

This filter adds CKEditor to Radiant.



Run this rake command to copy all needed files into the public folder:

rake radiant:extensions:ck_editor_filter:update

That's it! You should now have "CKEditor" in the filters dropdown on the page edit screen. Selecting this will spawn a CKEditor instance.


Run this rake command to update all files in public folder:

rake radiant:extensions:ck_editor_filter:update

Interaction with other extensions

The preview button has been overwritten to use the radiant preview extension if it is available. An extra button is added that triggers the paperclipped assets bucket if it is available.


This extension is released under the MIT license, see the LICENSE for more information. CKEditor itself is released under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice. Please see the LICENSE.html enclosed with CKEditor.

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