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Ganymede Release 2.0
6 August 2014


Greetings.  Ganymede is a Java-based network directory management
software system we at the Computer Science Division of ARL:UT have
been developing since 1995.  It is licensed under the GNU General
Public License (GPL), version 2.

This release includes:

  The Ganymede server, an extendable object database and application
  server that supports custom Java plug-ins for object types held in
  the database and for tasks that can be run in the server to do
  directory propagation to NIS, DNS, and the like.

  A full-featured graphical Ganymede client, providing a convenient
  Explorer-like interface to all operations supported by the server.

  A GUI Administration Console, which can be used to monitor
  the server's operations, and to modify the design of the database
  held in the server.

  Comprehensive documentation on all classes and methods comprising
  the server and the primary client.

  Source code for the 'ClientBase', a class which can be used as the
  core module of any custom Ganymede client.

  Templates for running the admin console and primary client off of
  a Java-enabled web browser.

  Full source code for everything.

Things you will need to get started:

  A Java 6 or better compliant JVM to run the server, client, and
  admin console.

  Perl 5 to run the install scripts, and Ant version 1.8 or later to
  build the software.

  A web server to provide the clients to your users for remote


You can always find Ganymede at the Ganymede web site:

as well as via ftp:

and you can even get direct access to our Git repository.  The repository
can be pulled from

or you can browse the repository using gitweb via

You can also fork Ganymede on GitHub!  Our repo is at


Ganymede's a big system with a big source base, and if you're at all
serious about working with it, I expect you'll want to chat with us
about it.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the Ganymede forums
through our web site at
and to discuss issues with us there, so that others can benefit from
the discussion.

If you're interested in developing on Ganymede, please send us a note
at, or you can fork Ganymede and
submit patches through GitHub


  Jonathan Abbey - Ganymede Guy


Ganymede Network Directory Management System Mirror




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