A custom Framer.js module that shows hotspots over clickable layers in your prototype.
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Highlightr (Framer.js Module)

A custom Framer.js module that shows hotspots over clickable Layers in your prototype.

This module is useful when creating more complex Framer prototypes that have multiple states/screens by showing what is clickable within the prototype. The nice part is that the hotspots only show when you click on something that is not clickable.

Highlightr is very easy to implement and is great for user testing, presentations and client reviews.

This module was inspired by Invision App's hotspots feature.

Highlightr in action

Live Demo: View


Download highlightr.coffee and copy it into the modules directory of your project. There are no other dependencies:

How to install Highlightr

Quick Start/How to Use

After you install the script you simply initialize Highlightr towards the beginning of your project:

hl = require "highlightr"

Once you do that, it's up to you to define which Layers in your prototype are going to have a hotspot. So if there's a Layer that has a Events.Click' listener attached to it, you would set highlighttotruein theLayer`s properties when you are defining it. The code might look something like this:

clickable = new Layer
	x: 20
	y: 20
	width: 300
	height: 100
	backgroundColor: "#F1F1F1"
	highlight: true # Show hit area with Highlightr

That's it!

The nice part is that the hotspots only show when you click on something that is not clickable.

Simple Demo with Project Code Download

The intention was to make this custom module as easy to integrate as possible. That's why I extended the current Layer class instead of creating a new Class within the Framer namespace. This makes it easy to use this module for previous prototypes that you've built with Framer.


It is very simple to remove Highlightr. To uninstall, you just need to delete any mentions of:

highlight: true

on any Layers and delete the import statement:

hl = require "highlightr"


Highlightr will have more options for small customizations coming soon. Check the roadmap for updates on what's to come.

Kill All Highlights

If you would like to quickly kill all the highlights throughout the prototype without having to manually delete all the lines of highlight: true on each Layer then call the killAllHighlights property and set it to true.

Default value: 'false'

hl.killAllHighlights = true

hl represents whatever you define Highlightr as when you require it in the beginning of your project.

Release Notes

Highlightr 1.0 – Initial Release

Highlightr 1.0.1 – Fix issue with mobile touchevents

This is in active development.


  • Allow customization of the hotspot color.
  • Integrate use for imported Sketch and Photoshop files.
  • Add keyboard shortcut to enable/disable script from a browser.


If you discover any issues please first check open/past issues or open a new issue if one does not already exist.

If you have any questions regarding usage, please send a message to me here on GitHub, @jonahvsweb on Twitter or from my website, jonahvsweb.com.