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An open source run tracker for Android.

Inspiration Garmin 410, RunKeeper and Everywhere Run.


  • GPL.
  • Support Heart Rate sensors for Bluetooth LE, ANT+ and a few other protocols as well as phone internal sensors like step sensor and barometer.
  • Highly configurable audio cues.
  • Automatic upload, download and feed updates from various providers including Endomondo, RunKeeper, RunningAHEAD, Strava (see here for details).
  • Interval wizard (ala Garmin 410).
  • Mediocre GUI.
  • Messy code (my first android project even and first Java project in +10 years).
  • Great ideas for future features.
  • Support Android 2.2 and later but versions earlier than Android 4.0.3 do not include graphs, maps and elevation GeoId correction.


Releases can be downloaded either:

Join the G+ beta release group for release candidates.

Note: RunnerUp used to be available on F-Droid, but it has been removed as the app has support for the closed source ANT+ sensors.

User information

Please read the wiki, especially the Manual


Patches, forks, pull requests, suggestions or harsh flame is welcome! Please read the wiki.


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Unless otherwise stated, the code for this project is under GNU GPL v3. See LICENSE for more information.

Components licensed differently are listed on the CREDITS page.


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