An academic theme for Hugo, adapted from lambdafu/hugo-finite
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Finisterre Theme for Hugo

This theme was adapted from the Hugo Finite theme by Marcus Brinkmann, adding some structure and sylistic touches from Rob J. Hyndman's and Kieran Healy's web sites.

The Hugo Finite theme was inspired by Greg Restall's and Kieran Healy's web sites and also by the Academic theme for Hugo.

For the Finisterre theme, I have added support for automatically generating publication lists from BibTeX files (requires python and pandoc)

Contributions welcome!

Third-party licenses for code included in the Finisterre theme:

  • hugo-finite: MIT License
  • hugo-academic: MIT License
  • Highlight.js: MIT License
  • Foundation 6.2.3 by Zurb: MIT License
  • Font Awesome 4.7.0: SIL OFL 1.1 (font), MIT License (CSS)
  • Academic Icons 1.8.0: SIL OFL 1.1 (font), MIT License (CSS)