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Red Sun is a project that enables Ruby code to be compiled and run in the Flash virtual machine. Most Ruby features should eventually be supported, however some particular constructs may not be due to time constraints and implementation decisions.

It currently works moderately well. It works well enough for me, but since I wrote it I am less picky. If you use it today, you will likely find many, many missing methods on core Ruby classes. When I find these, I simply port them on an as-needed basis, but this is not likely to be fun for most users. There is an AIR project included called chromosphere that can execute Ruby files and Ruby code typed into the TextArea. It requires a Ruby 1.9 session running Ramaze on localhost:7000 to compile the Ruby code into bytecode. This has only been tested on 1.9.0-4 (which is tagged on ruby-lang.org, revision 18849).

I gave a presentation of Red Sun’s functionality at RubyConf 2008 in November and I will be putting together more instructions and better details on how to build it and use it for yourself. One of the major barriers may be in obtaining Ruby 1.9.0-4 and installing the necessary gems, which are not well documented. I believe json_pure and ramaze are the only two required, but I will need to verify this.

Feel free to contact me through github or be any other means for help.