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Tests for the kohana-jelly ORM
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Tests for Jelly

These tests are designed to be run with Kohana 3.0's Unit Test module. They require access to a MySQL, PostgresSQL, or SQLite database. Preparing the database is handled by the test suite.

How to choose the database you'd like the tests to run on

  1. Update the database configuration in config/database.php. Jelly's test models use the database group named jelly, so you can configure that group to connect to your MySQL or SQLite database (an SQLite in-memory database is configured by default).

  2. Update the dump file location in config/jelly-tests.php. A .php file will be loaded from the data folder with the name of the value you set this to. Currently, dump files are provided for MySQL and SQLite. As such, currently only sqlite and mysql are valid values for this configuration option.

  3. If you're testing with Postgres you'll need to install the PostgresSQL database driver module in your bootstrap.

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