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Open-source logic textbook in LaTeX by UBC philosophy professor Jonathan Ichikawa
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forall x: UBC edition

forall x: UBC edition is an open-access introductory logic textbook. Professor Jonathan Ichikawa developed this text, based on P. D. Magnus's forall x, in 2017–18, for use in PHIL 220: Introduction to Formal Logic at UBC, a course that he has been teaching since 2011. This text is produced under a Creative Commons License, and is free for all students and instructors worldwide.

The full book is available for pdf download here. Professor Ichikawa plans to make a printed version available as well, work in progress. If you'd like to modify it and know LaTeX, you may issue a pull request.

This repo is maintaining a list of know errors here.

Here are a few points of information about the book:

  • designed for a 13-week, introductory logic course with no prerequisites
  • covers translation, proof systems, and some basic metatheory (soundness and completeness) for sentential and quantified logic, with identity
  • covers both trees (analytic tableaux) and Fitch-style natural deduction systems, with its greater emphasis on trees
  • emphasis on translation and laying the groundwork for metatheory; a lesser emphasis than some textbooks give on the ('puzzle-solving') details and mechanics of constructing proofs
  • conversational style with fun examples; intended to be relatively accessible to the technically anxious
  • free for anyone to use or modify

Thank you to Mavaddat Javid for creating this repository.

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