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This is a demo application that I use to accompany my iOS Gesture Recognizers Intro talk. It lets us walk through how they work and compete for touches.

How It Works

All the magic happens in CMNDisplayViewController. Each of the recognizers are set up in the method setupGestureRecognizers and added to the main table view. Each recognizer is also observed with KVO so that the state changes can be updated with printStateChangeOfGestureRecognizer:.

I demonstrate using custom gesture recognizers for tracking touches, a bezel swipe, and the PRNCircleGestureRecognizer from the iOS Recipies book by Paul Warren and Matt Drance.


Questions? Ask!

Jonathan Penn


GestureExample is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

PRNCircleGestureRecognizer is Copyright 2010 Primitive Dog Software.

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