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Add instructions for iTunes Transporter #17

fulldecent opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Please add instructions on how to use iTunes Transporter to upload all these screenshots into iTunes connect. Is this scriptable?


I've never used iTunes Transporter. I found this example project that claims to do most of the dirty work, but it looks like there are manual steps involved where you need to download an existing package of some kind and mess with it before you can re-upload the new meta data.

Since interfacing with iTunes Transporter is a bit complicated and manual right now (and there's already a project dedicated to working around the problem), I think it is out of scope of the screen shooter example project. I'm going to close this issue for the time being.


I agree the scope of this project should not include interfacing with iTunes Connect. But it should include interfacing with itc-localized-screenshot-uploader. Even if that means just naming the files properly and providing some notes on using itc-localized-screenshot-uploader. I'll see what I can do.

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