Make JSON from an Object (the opposite of JSON::Unmarshal)
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Make JSON from an Object (the opposite of JSON::Unmarshal)

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   use JSON::Marshal;

    class SomeClass {
      has Str $.string;
      has Int $.int;
      has Version $.version is marshalled-by('Str');

    my $object = => "string", int => 42, version =>"0.0.1"));

    my Str $json = marshal($object); # -> "{ "string" : "string", "int" : 42, "version" : "0.0.1" }'


This provides a single exported subroutine to create a JSON representation of an object. It should round trip back into an object of the same class using JSON::Unmarshal.

It only outputs the "public" attributes (that is those with accessors created by declaring them with the '.' twigil. Attributes without acccessors are ignored.

If you want to ignore any attributes without a value you can use the :skip-null adverb to marshal, which will supress the marshalling of any undefined attributes. Additionally if you want a finer-grained control over this behaviour there is a 'json-skip-null' attribute trait which will cause the specific attribute to be skipped if it isn't defined irrespective of the skip-null.

To allow a finer degree of control of how an attribute is marshalled an attribute trait is marshalled-by is provided, this can take either a Code object (an anonymous subroutine,) which should take as an argument the value to be marshalled and should return a value that can be completely represented as JSON, that is to say a string, number or boolean or a Hash or Array who's values are those things. Alternatively the name of a method that will be called on the value, the return value being constrained as above.


Assuming you have a working Rakudo perl 6 installation, you can install this with panda :

# From the source directory

panda install .

# Remote installation

panda install JSON::Marshal

I haven't tested this with "zef", but I see no reason why it shouldn't work or any other equally capable package management tool.


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at


Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution

© Jonathan Stowe 2015, 2016