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Various MATLAB utilities

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A set of small utilities to make programming in MATLAB, including GUI
development, more productive. These utilities aren't tied to a
specific field of study, and are intended to be useful for general
numerical work.

The highlights are: a version of ls that shows the number of lines of
code in each M file, with clickable links to open MATLAB-based files;
a utility to assist with cleaning up an SVN repository dump of all MEX
binaries; and utilities to simplify GUI programming by allowing easier
access to handle properties.

There are also simple MATLAB functions for accessing simple routines
in git and svn, designed to allow some interaction with version
control from within MATLAB.

The addition of any similarly generally applicable tools developed by
others would be a welcome addition, as I'd like to see this become a
large set of general tools to be shared.

Jonathan R. Birge

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