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Getting MEAN

Introduction to the MEAN stack

Code and slides from my introduction to the MEAN stack talk

This project depends on MongoDB, NodeJS, NPM, bower and Gulp.

The finished folder contains the finished code for the application. The start folder contains the starting point. During the talk, I start at the starting point and work towards the finished product.


cd finished/backend
npm install
npm start


cd finished/ui
npm install
bower install
gulp serve


The app depends on a MongodB intsance running on port 27017. This app has only been tested with version 3.0.1. For the purpose of this project, no configuration is necessary. You can simply:

  • download and extract the archive to a known locations (mongo_home)
  • create a folder to store data (ie, <project_root>/datastore)
  • run <mongo_home>/bin/mongod --dbpath=path/to/datastore

###Slides The slides depend on NPM, Bower and GruntJS.

To run the slides:

cd slides
npm install
bower install
grunt serve
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