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The client and server side code to produce a map of uk breweries based on OpenStreetMap Data (

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UK BrewMap

Client and Server software to produce the uk brewery map based on 
OpenStreetMap data.

Please see for details of
the tagging scheme.

The server side code reads a postgresql database that has been populated with OpenStreetMap data using osm2pgsql.
It queries the database to extract microbreweries (tagged microbrewery=yes), 'craft' breweries (craft=brewery) and 'industrial' breweries (industry=brewery).   It extracts data that is tagged as single points and ways representing areas.
The data is saved as a simple json file that can be downloaded by the client code.

The client code should run in any modern browser.  It downloads the json data prepared by the data using jQuery, parses it, and displays it on a map using the Leaflet library.

The development version of this code can be seen running at

Python (>2.6?)

The code in this repository includes jQuery ( and Leaflet (

The factory, house, wine glass, beer and grapes images are from

Craig Loftus developed most of the client side code.

Donald Noble provided the distillery still icon.
Rob Norris provided a better microbrewery icon and got the page icon working.

All of my code is licenced under GPL3.   Licences for the included data and images are given in the links above.
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