GUI for AviSynth powered audio encoding
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BeHappy is an AviSynth-based audio transcoding tool written in C#.

Originally created by dimzon at doom9's forum and hosted at CodePlex.


BeHappy is designed mostly for movie audiotrack transcoding. It's a powerful BeLight/BeSweet replacement with XML based plugin system for source, dsp and encoder plugins.

If you need to transcode multiple files at "one click" and/or tagging support - try foobar2000 converter or LameXP.

A rich selection of plugins is already integrated aswell most of the required encoder executables (except non redistributable encoders like most of the AAC encoders).

As prerequisite a working AviSynth environment is required to use BeHappy. If you have no knowledge about AviSynth, simply use the installer.

For further help and some screenshots have a look at the Wiki.