Simple, asynchronous Slack log4net appender.
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Simple, asynchronous Slack log4net appender. Grab the NuGet package here.

Example Log4Slack output

<appender name="SlackAppender" type="Log4Slack.SlackAppender, Log4Slack">
	<WebhookUrl value="https://{your company}{your token}" /> <!-- Your Slack webhook URL -->
	<Channel value="#testing" /> <!-- Your Slack channel to post to -->
	<Username value="Log4Slack" /> <!-- The username to post as -->
	<IconUrl value="{your icon url}" />
	<IconEmoji value=":ghost:" /> <!-- Include an emoji to add a little character to your message -->
	<AddAttachment value="true" /> <!-- Include an attachment on the Slack message with additional details -->
	<AddExceptionTraceField value="true" /> <!-- If an exception occurs, add its trace as a field on the message attachment -->
	<UsernameAppendLoggerName value="true"/> <!-- Append the current logger name to the Slack username -->
	<LinkNames value="false" /> <!-- Automatically link @mentions -->
	<Proxy value="http://proxy:8000"/> <!-- Use an outgoing http proxy -->
	<mapping>	<!-- Add custom colors on the attachment -->
		<level value="INFO" />
		<backColor value="SkyBlue" />