Slides and curriculum notes for an in person two hour middle school web design workshop.
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Tuts+ Town Workshop

Resources and materials for an in person 2 hour middle school web design workshop based on the Tuts+ Town curriculum for kids.

Read more about this curriculum and some general advice on conducting workshops here.

Title: Web Design Workshop: Creating Our First Website
Grade Level: 6-8
Total Time: 2 hours
Curriculum: Based on the Tuts+ Town Web Design for Kids series by Joni Trythall
Objective: By the end of this workshop students will have a foundational understanding of what HTML is and the general syntax involved. Together we will structure an HTML document, add content based on the Tuts+ Town site, and quickly review some basic CSS. Students will leave with their work in progress files and instructed to complete the series online at home to get their work on the web.
Topics Covered: How the web works, folder structure, HTML structure and content, basic CSS intro
Presentation Format: slides, demos, hands on building
Materials: Computers, Atom text editor (pre-installed), Chrome (pre-installed), base folder (tutsfolder) with .html, .css, images on flash drives, reference site, teacher notes, slides
Prerequisites: None