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Kubernetes status line for tmux
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kube-tmux: Kubernetes context and namespace status for tmux

A script that lets you add the current Kubernetes context and namespace configured on kubectl to your tmux status line.

Inspired by kube-ps1, this is a port to tmux that includes all the features that make kube-ps1 efficient and brings it to the tmux status line.



This is the first iteration of this plugin, so the updates will be very frequent. Track this repo for changes, and keep in mind some of them might cause issues, although I will try to keep them at a minimum, and provide fixes as soon as possible. Please be patient!

If you have any bug reports, please feel free to submit a PR, or a bug report.


Clone this repository to your $HOME/.tmux directory, and add the following line to your ~/.tmux.conf:

set -g status-right "#(/bin/bash $HOME/.tmux/kube.tmux 250 red cyan)"

250 is the color selection for the default foreground, red for the context, and cyan for the namespace.


  • tmux
  • kubectl

Plugin Structure

The default plugin layout is:

<symbol> <cluster>:<namespace>

If the current-context is not set, kube-tmux will return the following:

<symbol> N/A:N/A


The default color for the context are red, and cyan for the namespace Colors for the default text, context, and namespace can be changed:

#(/bin/bash $HOME/.tmux/kube.tmux text context namespace)


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