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My own take on the Emacs Starter Kit, with Secret Alien Org Mode Superpowers.
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Project Status:

Fit for other humans to tell me it is broken, and I can fix it. (i.e. beta)

A starter kit for magicians

I stand on the shoulders of giants, to weave my own spells.

I got tired of my old .emacs file, and poorly maintained collection of extensions, that was working less and less well, the more time went on and on.

I Love the idea of the starter kits, but I found they made too many assumptions and just wasn’t fit for what I needed. I also have a bit of a “not-invented-here” problem. It’s minor, and I cope pretty well. However with regards to emacs: (and to to paraphrase Douglas McArther Shaftoe from the Neal Stephenson novel Cryptonomicon.)

This is my Emacs. There are plenty like it, but this one is mine.

Working with the Emagicians Starter Kit.

Son, there is no brogramming here. No easy install shell file that you can just run, and everything goes. In fact, it is antithetical to the whole concept of the emagicians starter-kit.

The whole point is that the starter kit provides you a reasonable baseline (file:./, plus a bunch of what I would call reasonable defaults ( that you will hate.

No really, there might be things in there that you like, but my choices, from color-scheme to completion method are mine.

But there is no reason why configurations can’t be shared! If you have configurations that you want to add, then send me a pull request, and I’ll work out a great way to merge it.


Installing, customizing, and making it go is as easy as opening the ./ and then following instructions. There are plenty of code blocks in there that will get you started for installing and testing. Basically, you shouldn’t ever need to leave the comfort of your org-mode buffer.

A note about tone

If your primary tool, as both hobby and vocation is your text editor, does it not then follow that it is one of the fundamentally important things in your life?

But then, would that not put it on the same footing as ones spirituality?

What if ones spirituality is Militant Agnostic Zenarchic Discordianism?

Then you would write an Emagicians Startup Kit full of tongue in cheek references to the western magickal tradition, and venerate Eris constantly.

That’s what.


To My Wife: Shell Arkell. The most important person in my life, who outshines all other people, like the noon-day sun outshines the stars.

I Love you.

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