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Magento OAuth service for the Lusitanian PHP OAuth library
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A service class for Magento OAuth using the Lusitanian PHP OAuth library.

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0.0 Table of Contents

  • Examples
  • Changelog
  • Troubleshooting

1.0 Examples

A working example can be found in the examples/ directory of the repo.

You can create your own instance of the Magento service or use the service factory in the Lusitanian OAuth library, which ensures all dependencies are injected into the service:


use OAuth\Common\Storage\Session;
use OAuth\Common\Consumer\Credentials;
use OAuth\Common\Http\Uri\UriFactory;
use OAuth\ServiceFactory;

$applicationUrl     = 'http://magento.local';
$consumerKey        = 'd19e5e1ce0a8298a32fafc2d1d50227b';
$consumerSecret     = '7c230aba0da67e2ab462f88e6e83ee39';

$storage        = new Session();
$uriFactory     = new UriFactory();

$serviceFactory = new ServiceFactory();
$serviceFactory->registerService('magento', 'JonnyW\MagentoOAuth\OAuth1\Service\Magento');

$currentUri = $uriFactory->createFromSuperGlobalArray($_SERVER);

$baseUri = $uriFactory->createFromAbsolute($applicationUrl);

$credentials = new Credentials(

$magentoService = $serviceFactory->createService('magento', $credentials, $storage, array(), $baseUri);

By default the service class authorizes users in the admin scope. To authorize customers simply set the authorization endpoint on the Magento service after instantiating it:


use JonnyW\MagentoOAuth\OAuth1\Service\Magento;


2.0 Changelog

3.0 Troubleshooting

If you receive a 'Server can not understand Accept HTTP header media type' error message when making API requests through the service then you may need to add an 'Accept' header to the request:

$result = $magentoService->request('/api/rest/customers', 'GET', null, array('Accept' => '*/*'));
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