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SCRPG Mod, a replacement for SCXPM
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Sven Co-op RPG Mod

This plugin is a replacement for the old, crappy, SCXPM mod for Sven Co-op. SCRPG Mod is more balanced and more Challenging than SCXPM, and all the skills has been re-created from scratch with a more clean code.

No longer in active development

After the release of 23.0, SC-RPG is no longer in active (public) development. I have stopped supporting the public revision, due I have heavily modified and changed how the plugin works and function (Latest private revision is on 50.x). I sadly cannot release that version because it now contains code I have created that cannot be released for public use.


JonnyBoy0719 - Programming
Xellath - API
Swampdog - Testing
Shadow Knight/Dark-fox - Testing
Daybreaker - Testing

Custom Sounds

Deathmatch Classic
Hellmouth (Map Series)
Warcraft 3/Blizzard
Master Sword: Continued (MS:C)
The Specialists


Vitality - Grants more health
Superior Armor - Grants more armor
Health Regeneration - Regenerates the user's health
Nano Armor - Regenerates the user's armor
The Magic Pocket - Gives the user ammunition for the current weapon
Icarus Potion - Grants the user 1 extra jump per level
A Gift From The Gods - Grants the user 1 random weapon
The Warrior's Battlecry - Boosts everyone around them with health & armor
Holy Armor - Grants the user godmode for a short period of time


/help - Prints all the available commands on the console
/challenges - Shows your challange progress
/reset - To reset your skills
/rpg - Shows the admin commands (Only works if you have admin access)
/fullreset - To reset your level, skills and experience back to 0 (can't be undone!)
/skillsinfo - Prints the info about the skills
/rpgmod or /version - To show the version
/top10 - Shows the top10 players
/rank - Shows your rank
/prestige - If you're on max level, you will reset to level 0, but you'll gain some new cool shit.
/sound - Disables or Enables the sounds (RPG Mod custom sounds only!)

Server Commands

rpg_ranking - This will enable ranking, or simply disable it.
rpg_gameinfo - This will enable GameInformation to be overwritten.
rpg_exp_bonus - This will set an extra amount of EXP you will gain per frag
rpg_set_level - This will set the level of a user (and reset their skills)
rpg_set_prestige - This will set the prestige level of a user
rpg_skill_gift - This will activate the A Gift From The Gods, even if the user doesn't have it

How it Works

Simply copy the sc_rpg.amxx to your plugins folder and add sc_rpg.amxx under configs/plugins.ini file.

Now open configs/sql.cfg and add the new commands:
rpg_host ""
rpg_user "root"
rpg_pass ""
rpg_type "mysql"
rpg_dbname "my_database"
rpg_table "rpg_stats"
rpg_table_api_web "rpg_rewards_web"
rpg_table_api "rpg_rewards"
rpg_rank_table "sc_rpg_rank"

If it doesn't work as it should, make sure to hardcode the connection on the SMA file instead. (This issue can happen randomly on Sven Co-op 5.x)

Setting up the AngelScript portion

Now we need to setup the angelscript portion of the plugin. Yes, we use angelscript for RPG Mod, which is only for the A Gift From The Gods skill. We really don't want them to be spawned on the world itself, only for the player.
Now, let's locate the default_plugins.txt under svencoop folder, and add the following:

		"name" "rpg_mod"
		"script" "rpg_mod"

See, it wasn't that hard!

Database setup

All the SQL is under web/database.sql since the string were to long for AMXX compiler. Simple copy paste it to your PhpMyAdmin, or any SQL Manager that you have installed, into its query, and hit run. But make sure its inside a database, otherwise it'll throw errors at you!


Make sure you install the web gui on your apache folder (you can find all files under web/ folder) and not copying it to your actual server!
You also need to make sure to setup the configurations on the config.php.

Make sure you edit the web to your liking! Specially the prestige portions. This version on RPG Mod does not include the custom weapons, you have to create them yourself, if you want custom weapons.
Before editing, you need to have some prior knowledge of HTML and PHP.

Web GUI Demo

If you want to see how the Web GUI looks like, you can do so by going to my SC RPG Stats page for my server!
Demo: Click here!

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