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Integration of TeamCity and GitHub. Supports TeamCity 7.1 and newer


Time goes by, world changes. TeamCity changes too.

Some time ago, TeamCity released yet another support for status reporting

This plugin provides ANOTHER implementationof GitHub status publishing API

About the Plugin

The purpose of creating this plugin is to support integration with the GitHub Change Status API in TeamCity, which allows TeamCity to automatically attach build statuses to GitHub pull requests.

The plugin is described in more detail in the following blog posts:

Installation and Configuration

First, download the latest build of the plugin, which is configured for continuous integration on TeamCity here.

NOTE Ensure that your download of the .zip file is valid - you may be redirected to the login page when using curl or wget.

Next, put the downloaded .zip file into the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder and restart the TeamCity server. You can also upload the .zip directly by clicking "Upload plugin zip" in the Plugins List section of the Administration settings in TeamCity's web interface.

After restarting the server, the plugin should show up as an external plugin in the Plugins List section of the Administration settings.

To use the plugin with one of your TeamCity projects, ensure that your VCS root branch specification includes pull requests:

+:refs/pull/(*/head) (build number will include /head)


+:refs/pull/(*)/head (build number will not include /head)

Note: It is also possible to use +:refs/pull/(*/merge), but not recommended. There is some risk that this spec will cause a feedback loop of builds that will bog down your TeamCity server. See this bug report for more information.

Finally, add a new Build Feature to your project's configuration. Choose "Report change status to GitHub" from the list, fill in the necessary info in the dialog, and you should be good to go!


We maintain two branches, master and stable. Development is done in master. The plugin from the stable branch is expected to be more stable and feature-lacking.

It is highly recommended to use builds from the master branch.

Try the build from master first. If you see problems, please report them as issues first. If an urgent fix is required, then try a build from the stable branch.

Internal Properties

This is the list of TeamCity Internal Properites that are supported by the plugin.

teamcity.github.verify.ssl.certificate=true|false enable/disable https certificates check. default is false teamcity.github.http.timeout GitHub connection timeout in milliseconds, default 5 minutes

Properties to configure Proxy server settings used for GitHub conncetions., teamcity.github.http.proxy.port defines proxy host/port teamcity.github.http.proxy.user, teamcity.github.http.proxy.password optionally defines proxy credentials teamcity.github.http.proxy.domain, teamcity.github.http.proxy.workstation optionally deifnes NT doamin credentials


Apache 2.0

Current Status

Implemented most-simpliest approach to update change status to github. Only username/password authentication is supported.


This is my (Eugene Petrenko) private home project