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Integration of TeamCity and GitHub

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Integration of TeamCity and GitHub. Supports TeamCity 7.1 and newer


We maintain two branches master and stable. Development is done in master. Plugin from stable branch is expected to be more stable and feature-lacking

It is highly recommended to use builds from master branch

Try the build from master first. If you see problems, please report them as issues first. If urget fix is required, than try a build from stable branch

What is supported

The aim to create the plugin was to support GitHub Change Status API in TeamCity.

Plugin is descibed in one of the following blog posts


I set up TeamCity build configuration for it here

To install plugin, put downloaded .zip file into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder and restart the server

Letst build of the plugin could be downloaded from TeamCity's build artifact

NOTE Check you downloaded .zip file (you may be redirected to login page when using curl or wget)


Apache 2.0

Current Status

Implemented most-simpliest approach to update change status to github. Only username/password authentication is supported.


This is my (Eugene Petrenko) private home project

You may support my home projects: Donate

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