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TeamCity Node plugin

This is a plugin for TeamCity that provides following build runners

Plugin is implemented with JetBrains Kotlin


  • Environment detection
  • Plugin detects node.js in system PATH node.js and reports it's version as configuration parameter node.js.
  • Plugin detects system wide installed npm and reports it's version as configuration parameter node.js.npm
  • Build Runners
  • node.js build runner to run .js file or source code
  • node.js NPM build runner to execute NPM commands
  • node.js NVM Installer build runner to install/update to selected version of Node.js
  • Phantom.JS build runner to run .js, .coffee (or other script) file or source code.
  • Grunt build runner to run your grunt scripts. It's assumes you have grunt and grunt-cli NPM packages installed to local repo
  • Gulp build runner to run you gulp scripts
  • Bower build runner to run you bower scripts
  • Yarn build runner to execute yarn commands


Apache 2.0

Supported Versions

Plugin is tested to work with TeamCity 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 and 9.1. It should work with 7.0 (and maybe 6.5)

Agent and server are expected to run JRE 1.7 (or maybe JRE 1.6)

Downloading Build

Download the latest build from TeamCity


For more details, there is documentation


  • Define $TeamCityDistribution$ IDEA path variable with path to TeamCity home (unpacked .tar.gz or installed .exe distribution).
  • Add tomcat application server named Tomcat 7 into IDEA settings from TeamCity distribution path
  • Use IDEA build runner in TeamCity of Intellij IDEA 12 with Kotlin plugin to develop

In this repo you will find

  • TeamCity server and agent plugin bundle
  • Plugin version will be patched if building with IDEA build runner in TeamCity
  • Run configuration server to run/debug plugin under TeamCity (use http://localhost:8111/bs)
  • pre-configured IDEA settings to support references to TeamCity
  • Uses $TeamCityDistribution$ IDEA path variable as path to TeamCity home (unpacked .tar.gz or .exe distribution)
  • Bunch of libraries for most recent needed TeamCity APIs
  • Module with TestNG tests that uses TeamCity Tests API


  • Unmet requirements: npm package exists

When your your NPM packages folder in your PATH system environment variable is pointing to the system profile ("C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\npm") you will get this error. This is because this plugin runs under 32 bit and this folder will redirect 32 bit applications trying to access it to "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\npm". To resolve this point your NPM packages folder in your PATH environment variable to a different folder (e.g. C:\npm) or point it to the SysWow64 folder above.


This plugin was created with TeamCity Plugin Template

This is my (Eugene Petrenko) private home project


Node.js, NPM and Phantom.JS runners for TeamCity







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