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Docker/Vagrant build runners for TeamCity


Plugin detects and reports installed vagrant and docker

Use the dedicated build runner to run your build script under virtualized environment with help of Docker/Vagrant build runner


Apache 2.0

see LICENSE.txt for details

Downloading Build

Download the latest build from TeamCity


TeamCity Server and TeamCity Build Agents are required to be runnung under JRE 1.7+

To install plugin, put downloaded plugin .zip file into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder and restart TeamCity Server.

Make sure downloaded .zip file is not corrupted and is not sources .zip from GitHub.

For more details, there is documentation

Supported Versions

Plugin is tested to work with TeamCity 8.1. It should work with 8.0 (and maybe 7.1.x)

Agent and server are expected to run JRE 1.7


  • call ant -f fetch.xml fetch
  • open the project in IntelliJ IDEA 13.1
  • make all artifacts

In this repo you will find

  • TeamCity server and agent plugin bundle
  • Plugin version will be patched if building with IDEA build runner in TeamCity
  • Run configuration server to run/debug plugin under TeamCity (use http://localhost:8111/bs)
  • pre-configured IDEA settings to support references to TeamCity
  • Uses $TeamCityDistribution$ IDEA path variable as path to TeamCity home (unpacked .tar.gz or .exe distribution)
  • Bunch of libraries for most recent needed TeamCity APIs
  • Module with TestNG tests that uses TeamCity Tests API

For details see

Dependencies fetch via simple-maven

This is simple possible ant script that could be used to fetch maven dependencies in Intellij IDEA based projects.

Call fetch.xml to fetch all missing dependencies

The script also updates IDEA library files to include new-ly added libraries to IDEA project. It's expected you'll no changed files on script re-run. If you do => post the issue with diff

We use Maven Ant Tasks inside. So <dependency> element under <maven-fetch> is the same element as under Maven Ant Tasks

For details see


Some code of this plugin was borrowed from NuGet plugin which is licensed under Apache 2.0


This plugin was created with [](TeamCity Plugin Template)

This is my (Eugene Petrenko) private home project


Docker and Vagrant build runners plugin for TeamCity




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