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DEPRECATED. Use Verb, it's awesome.
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Gruntfile.js adds _.contrib mixin for the assemble core team to easily add contrib…
package.json extend config metadata in mixins.js with pkg fallback to be consisten…

DEPRECATED. Please use Verb instead.

grunt-readme was pretty useful, but it was buggy and too limited in scope to be worth really digging in and making it awesome.

Verb is a new project that, while sharing the same roots and inspiration as grunt-reamde, is far more powerful, flexible and can be used globally from the command line.

Related links:

  • Install Verb locally in projects that use Verb.
  • Get verb-cli to use Verb from the command line
  • Get generator-verb to add documentation templates, or initialize docs for new projects
  • Get grunt-verb to automate Verb in your Grunt tool-chains
  • Get gulp-verb to automate Verb in your gulp tool-chains
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