Script to import a Wordpress XML export into a Tumblog

Import a Wordpress Blog into Tumblr: wp2tumblr

wp2tumblr is a simple Flask app that will import a Wordpress XML export into Tumblr with publishing dates intact.

Alpha Version

This app is under active development and has minimal testing. Use at your own risk.



A hosted version of wp2tumblr is available at If you'd like to run your own copy, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the wp2tumblr repo.
  2. Visit and register a new application. Set the default callback url to The rest of the fields can be filled in however you want.
  3. Copy to and fill in your client keys. Set DEBUG = False to enable posting.
  4. Install the required packages: $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Start the server $ WP2TUMBLR_SETTINGS=/path/to/; python
  6. Open your browser to and follow the instructions


Submit a GitHub Issues request.

This software is made available under the open source MIT License. © 2014 Jon Thornton.