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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this May 31, 2020

  • fixed ambiguity in [select] where argument "bang" could match both "symbol bang" and an incoming "bang" message (Thanks Zack!)
  • fixed graph label position to be consistent with pd-l2ork 1.0 (Pd Vanilla positioning still available with "-legacy" flag)
  • display button for putting multiple arrays in a single graph
  • added color legend for array labels with multiple arrays of different colors inside one graph
  • fixed some multiply defined global variables that cause compiler errors
  • fixed potential memory leak with netreceive/netsend "disconnect"
  • fixed some segfaults with preset_hub and preset_read (Thanks Ico!)
  • fixed passing LDFLAGS to configure in the build scripts (Thanks Sam!)
  • added support for compiling on aarch64
  • fixed bug where wrap~ would default to old compatibility mode behavior
  • ported unauthorized/pianoroll (even though it's not really a piano roll)
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Mar 12, 2020

  • ported unauthorized/pianoroll
  • first draft of flatpak build infrastructure (thanks to Sam Thursfield)
  • more fixes for handling filenames under Windows in core and many of the externals
  • fix for text sequence crasher
  • return message recursion buffer overflow limit to 1000 (same as Pd). This fixes a crasher under Windows.
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Oct 4, 2019

  • iem_spec2/spec2_tabreceive_enable~: fix array error handler and set sane default array name value
  • fix partconv crashers in bsaylor lib and add perfroutine for array errors
  • adaptive/nlms3~: fix typo that caused a double free
  • fix lyonpotpourri crashers in dsp, perform and constructor routines
  • at least keep the inoperable streamout13~ and streamin13~ from crashing when instantiating
  • use some sane default values in ekext/lpreson~ to prevent segfault
  • quick fixes to keep cxc/mean~ from crashing when dsp is turned on
  • greatly reduce undefined behavior in all dsp objects
  • fix hex2dec so that it actually does something useful
  • fix #523: crash with manual width adjustment on subpatch
  • add ability to change makefile flags for Gem from toplevel makefile
  • fix stray bugs detected by obs
  • unauthorized/cooled~: increase string buffer size to accommodate the terminating nul character
  • unauthorized/cooled~: fix memory access bug trying to concatenate into a string constant
  • iemmatrix/mtx_dispersive_dline: add missing void return type
  • allow make options like -j8 to be passed to the Gem compilation, which takes awfully long on a single cpu.
  • cxc/cxc_split: fix use of un-initialized pointer
  • ggee/serial_bird: fix undefined behavior with the ++ operator
  • ext13/scramble~: fix header for scramble~
  • jasch_lib/detox/detox: reformat for sanity's sake, fix array overflow, undefined behavior
  • linux desktop: remove the -rt -audiobuf options from the desktop files.
  • linux desktop: change DEFAULTADVANCE to 20 ms for Linux.
  • linux desktop: remove leftover TargetEnvironment=Unity lines in menu entries for Purr Data
  • linux desktop: add some comments and a few more useful desktop action examples to the main desktop file, so that the user understands how to adjust these if needed.
  • linux desktop: replace pd-gui -> nw in the ForceQuit actions, which is the proper name of the GUI program on Linux
  • linux desktop: remove useless %U arguments from desktop actions.
  • linux desktop: invoke desktop actions via /bin/sh.
  • linux desktop: migrate the desktop actions from the ancient Unity syntax to the current standard
  • linux desktop: remove sticky options from the desktop files. For now, keep -rt -audiobuf 20.
  • Gem: sync with, QT4L and startup issues have been fixed
  • linux: fix the Debian control files once again, since the dependency auto-detection needs a Depends line in there.
  • debuild: Support for ARM (e.g., Raspbian)
  • update nw-update to nw.js 0.24.4 to fix font issues under Linux
  • backport 'add-to-path' from vanilla rev. c917dd19, to make Gem happy.
  • usability improvements in the documentation browser.
  • switch Gem to the latest from upstream.
  • add missing dlls for fluid~ on Windows. Fixes #540.
  • Debian packaging: Demote python and fluid-soundfont dependencies, as suggested in #540.
  • polish the externals/Makefile clean targets, and delete redundant files in repo
  • fix compile options for Xcode 10 - fftease and lyonpotpourri externals.
  • update pd-lua to latest upstream.
  • fix compile options for Xcode 10 - externals and abstractions.
  • fix compile options for Xcode 10.
  • ios header needs to be included before base64.h, to avoid compile errors on macOS 10.14.
  • fix improper string access in pd_getdirname on Mac.
  • fix list cat crasher, update help patch, add missing test abstractions
  • get rid of obsolete and unneeded unicap and sndobj dependencies on Linux.
  • mark some globals as extern to fix compilation if g_canvas.h is included more than once
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Apr 17, 2019

  • fixed autorepeat suppression for [key], [keyup], and [keyname] on Windows (thanks to Aayush Surana)
  • fixed for changing the midi api under linux and a few other fixes for OSS midi handling (thanks to Pranay Gupta)
  • fixed menu item in Pd console for OSX
  • added a stop-gap shortcuts file for (most) current keybindings
  • fixed bug handling certain encodings in filenames under Windows (thanks to Alv_ro on the Pd Forum for reporting it)
  • split out l2ork version from s_stuff.h to make development easier
  • fixed regression with Windows when socket connection gets reset (e.g., when quitting from the terminal with <ctrl-c>)
  • made autopatch y-offset distance settable in the Preferences dialog
  • fixed bug where array name wasn't getting updated
  • ported [drawtext] from Pd Vanilla
  • enabled keyboard entry for [drawsymbol]
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Feb 8, 2019

  • fixed a bug where the "Cancel" button would not work on the "Do you want to save..." dialog
  • added separate help files for [draw svg] and [table]. These used to navigate directly to canvas-help.pd which is confusing for new users
  • fixed a race by removing an old code path no longer needed by the GUI. This could sometimes be triggered by creating a new object and immediately clicking afterwards on a trackpad.
  • fixed position of cat sprite in the "About Pd" patch. (Thanks to nerrons for this one!)
  • changed default font-size for new patches to 12 for improved readability. This can be reverted back to size 10 font in the GUI Preferences tab by removing the "-font-size 12" flag.
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Jan 28, 2019 · 92 commits to master since this release

  • added constrained dragging to iemguis, iemgui labels, subcanvases, graphs, grid, Scope~, and red gop rectangle
  • fixed bug with gop scalar events failing to work in some circumstances
  • fixed stray implementation bugs that caused compiler warnings
  • improved help patch for [line] by specifying what happens when the given grain size doesn't divide evenly into the total ramp duration
  • added a "footgun" GUI preset which will hide all xlets and wire connections. :)
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Dec 29, 2018 · 110 commits to master since this release

  • fixed crashers and memory errors with makefilename
  • port "unpost" from desiredata
  • fix a race between Pd and gui that resulted in a "no method" error
  • port room_sim_2d and room_sim_3d from iemgui
  • port knob from flatgui
  • fix mmio backend to work with double precision
  • fix for ALSA MIDI backend: quick and dirty fix for bogus zero-velocity note-off messages; output a note-on with zero velocity instead
  • add custom gui path macro for incremental development
  • add float precision to "About Pd"
  • add tests for double precision, makefilename, unpost
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Sep 19, 2018 · 145 commits to master since this release

  • build system improvements
  • hyperlinked [print] messages
  • added support and test binaries for double precision builds
  • fix bug with special characters in filenames under Windows
  • fix bug with using pd~ in "-nogui" mode
  • fix for initbang crasher
  • fix bug with socket calls from externals under "-nogui" mode in Windows

Test binaries for double precision builds are labeled "purr-double-trouble" below.

The OSX double precision builds ship with all externals although not all may work correctly yet.

The other double precision builds ship with a minimal number of externals.

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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Apr 15, 2018 · 222 commits to master since this release

  • speed up message box by removing the malloc/free per incoming message
  • added regression test framework with some initial message box tests
  • add linked errors in the console for message parsing errors. This allows you to "Find last error" for messages that don't have enough args, have a bad selector, etc. You can also click the link for the relevant error in the console to find them
  • add "x" and "y" methods for [draw image]
  • fix a regression with [pd~]
  • add Vanilla version compatibility to "About Pd"
  • build fix for make light
  • add more midi device slots to the Preferences dialog
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@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Mar 25, 2018 · 245 commits to master since this release

  • add pd-lua library
  • fix up dialog styling for GUI presets
  • expand help browser search index to include the external library docs
  • add preferences for setting when and from which docs the search browser creates an index
  • port disis_munger~ to Purr Data from pd-l2ork 1.0 (experimental)
  • fix the build scripts by adding toplevel makefile with new targets
  • fix uninstall icon on Windows
  • add dashed box around comments when in edit mode to show the maximum space they will take up
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