Assets 20
  • build system improvements
  • hyperlinked [print] messages
  • added support and test binaries for double precision builds
  • fix bug with special characters in filenames under Windows
  • fix bug with using pd~ in "-nogui" mode
  • fix for initbang crasher
  • fix bug with socket calls from externals under "-nogui" mode in Windows

Test binaries for double precision builds are labeled "purr-double-trouble" below.

The OSX double precision builds ship with all externals although not all may work correctly yet.

The other double precision builds ship with a minimal number of externals.

@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Apr 15, 2018

Assets 11
  • speed up message box by removing the malloc/free per incoming message
  • added regression test framework with some initial message box tests
  • add linked errors in the console for message parsing errors. This allows you to "Find last error" for messages that don't have enough args, have a bad selector, etc. You can also click the link for the relevant error in the console to find them
  • add "x" and "y" methods for [draw image]
  • fix a regression with [pd~]
  • add Vanilla version compatibility to "About Pd"
  • build fix for make light
  • add more midi device slots to the Preferences dialog

@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Mar 25, 2018

Assets 12
  • add pd-lua library
  • fix up dialog styling for GUI presets
  • expand help browser search index to include the external library docs
  • add preferences for setting when and from which docs the search browser creates an index
  • port disis_munger~ to Purr Data from pd-l2ork 1.0 (experimental)
  • fix the build scripts by adding toplevel makefile with new targets
  • fix uninstall icon on Windows
  • add dashed box around comments when in edit mode to show the maximum space they will take up

@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Dec 12, 2017

Assets 12
  • remove [midiclkin]
  • handle [draw] events correctly for nested data structure arrays
  • improve the deb package build system by autogenerating most of the dependencies
  • add [list store]
  • protect against a segfault when a nested data structure array has element size of "0". (Not clear that such a data structure has any use, but the interface allows it to be created.)

@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Dec 6, 2017

Assets 12
  • fix dangling selection rectangle when a new patch window gains focus
  • add Pd Vanilla fudiparse and fudiformat classes
  • fix crasher and consistency error with nested gops
  • fix crasher when conforming a struct used as an array template in another struct
  • fix display error with [moonlib/mknob] inside gop
  • fix erroneous error message with [set]
  • various other GUI fixes for GOP

@jonwwilkes jonwwilkes released this Nov 13, 2017

Assets 12
  • fixes to [draw array] and [draw svg], plus some tutorials for using it
  • fix bug where OSX 10.8 binary wouldn't work on 10.8 without editing plist
  • fix regression with [draw g]
  • improve [draw svg] getrect performance
  • fix [stdout] so it works correctly with [pd~]
  • fix [vu] display error
  • added Debian Stretch binary
  • simplify startup message
  • port some documentation fixes from Pd Vanilla
  • fix midi-help.pd, and add links for all midi-related objects
  • fix font init bug triggered on some Windows systems
  • (work-in-progress) canvas properties checkbox to suppress scrollbars
  • (work-in-progress) canvas properties checkbox to suppress menus
  • add mouse event callback outlet for [draw image]

[draw array] and [draw svg]

The new tutorials in doc/ show how
to use these new drawing commands to visualize data. With the recent changes
to data structure array redrawing, these commands should make it possible to
change the visible attributes of an array without getting dropouts.

new canvas properties (experimental)

This is the first draft of functionality to suppress scrollbars and menus.
The options you choose get saved with the patch using new canvas methods.

[stdout] fixes

Now that [stdout] works with [pd~], we can leverage those objects to do
sane testing on external libraries.