fix tests in clojure-1.3 branch #2

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joodie commented Nov 23, 2011

some of the tests are still failing. It looks like this is partly because the parser seems to behave differently in some test cases and partly because there are still some issues with the mocking setup.

I don't really like the way mocking is implemented right now; contrib.mock pulls in a lot of old stuff from the 1.2 contrib libs and even then it doesn't behave the way it did on clojure 1.2 (not yet sure if this is just because of the changes to ^:dynamic vars in 1.3).

I'm leaning towards removing the dependency on contrib.mock altogether but that means rewriting a bunch of tests.

There are also some exceptions in the parsing tests. Either something changed in 1.3 that's influencing how parsely works, or I've broken something when moving stuff over to 1.3 dependencies.


Have you considered sing Midje for your mocking needs? Any spots in particular you want to rewrite? I may take a look when I get some free time, and possibly rewrite them with Midje, if that suits you ok.


If I was still maintaining this project I'd be rewriting the whole thing using Midje. Codebase is a mess, and there is a bunch of stupid stuff I did because I was young and foolish whilst writing this codebase.

joodie commented Dec 14, 2011

Hi Alex. I'm not sure yet what to rewrite - outside of the currently non-functioning tests. I agree with Tom that there's quite a lot of code that's in need of a cleanup, but for now, my main priority is to get all the tests working on clojure 1.3 and fix any issues that that may turn up.

As for midje; if we can use it to replace the current contrib.mock stuff, then that's good. If you are still interested in spending some time on this project, I think ripping out the contrib.mock dependency and replacing it with midje would be great. Just check out the clojure-1.3 branch and run lein test to see what's not working at the moment.

devn commented Mar 21, 2013

@joodie Let's update this issue to say "1.5.1" and try to get a list of exactly what is required to get this back into a working state. Messy code can stay messy so long as this becomes usable again. It was nice to have in the 1.2 days. Let's resurrect this.

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