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Adds up to 5 image custom fields to Textpattern

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Adds up to five extra custom fields of up to 255 characters to the Content › Images panel along with corresponding tags to output the custom field and to test if it contains a value or matches a specific value.

Use cases

Use whenever extra information needs to be stored with an image. For example:

  • Store a youtube/vimeo link or video-ID with an image for generating custom video poster images.
  • Store the download url of a corresponding hi-res press image not stored in txp.
  • Store the year a picture / photograph was taken
  • Store the copyright owners name + link
  • ...

Installation / Deinstallation / Upgrading


Paste the .txt installer code into the Admin › Plugins panel, or upload the plugin's .php file via the Upload plugin button, then install and enable the plugin.


The plugin automatically migrates custom field data and the database structure from the earlier single custom field variant (v0.1) to the new format. No changes are needed to the public tags as the new default settings correspond to the old tag. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to make a database backup before upgrading.


The plugin cleans up after itself: deinstalling (deleting) the plugin removes the extra columns from the database as well as custom field names and labels. To stop using the plugin but keep the custom field data in the database, just disable (deactivate) the plugin but don't delete it.

Plugin tags


Outputs the content of the image custom field.

Tag attributes

Specifies the name of the image custom field.
Example: Use name="copyright_author" to output the copyright_author custom field. Default: jcr_image_custom_1.

Escape HTML entities such as <, > and & prior to echoing the field contents.
Supports extended escape values in txp 4.8
Example: Use escape="textile" to convert textile in the value. Default: none.

Specifies the default output if the custom field is empty
Example: Use default="Org Name" to output "Org Name", e.g. for when no copyright_author explicitly given. Default: empty.

Wrap the custom field contents in an HTML tag
Example: Use wraptag="h2" to output <h2>Custom field value</h2>. Default: empty.

Specifies a class to be added to the wraptag attribute
Example: Use wraptag="p" class="copyright" to output <p class="copyright">Custom field value</p>. Default: empty


Tests for existence of an image custom field, or whether one or several matches a value or pattern.

Tag attributes

Specifies the name of the image custom field.
Example: Use name="copyright_author" to output the copyright_author custom field. Default: jcr_image_custom_1.

Value to test against (optional).
If not specified, the tag tests for the existence of any value in the specified image custom field.
Example: Use value="english" to output only those images whose "language" image custom field is english. Default: none.

Match testing: exact, any, all, pattern. See the docs for "if_custom_field":\ Default: exact.

Item separator for match="any" or "all". Otherwise ignored.
Default: empty.


Example 1

Output a gallery of custom video poster-images (from images assigned to the image category "videos") that open a corresponding youtube video (defined in the image custom field) in a lightbox modal:

<txp:images wraptag="ul" break="li" category="videos" class="video-gallery">
  <a href="//<txp:jcr_image_custom name="youtube_id" />" title="<txp:image_info type="caption" />" data-lity>
    <txp:thumbnail />
    <txp:jcr_image_custom name="youtube_author" wraptag="p" class="author" />

where the image custom field is used to store the Video ID of the YouTube video. This example uses the lity lightbox script.

Example 2

Outputs the copyright author with or without link:

<txp:images wraptag="ul" break="li" class="photoset">
  <figure class="photo">
    <txp:image />
      <txp:image_info type="caption" wraptag="p" />
      <txp:jcr_if_image_custom name="copyright_link">
        <a href="<txp:jcr_image_custom name="copyright_link" />" class="img-owner"><txp:jcr_image_custom   name="copyright_author" /></a>
      <txp:else />
        <txp:jcr_image_custom name="copyright_author" wraptag="span" class="img-owner" />

Custom field labels

The label displayed alongside the custom field in the edit image panel can be changed by specifying a new label using the Install from Textpack field in the Admin › Languages panel. Enter your own information in the following pattern and click Upload:

#@owner jcr_image_custom
#@language en, en-gb, en-us
jcr_image_custom_1 => Your label
jcr_image_custom_2 => Your other label

replacing en with your own language and Your label with your own desired label.

Changelog and credits


  • Version 0.2.0 -- 2020/12/17 -- Expand to handle multiple custom fields
  • Version 0.1.1 -- 2016/12/05 -- Remedy table not being created on install
  • Version 0.1 -- 2016/04/16


Robert Wetzlmayr's wet_profile plugin for the starting point, and further examples by Stef Dawson and Jukka Svahn.