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Report a Problem with an official Joomla! Project Website

If you need to report a problem with one of the Joomla! websites owned by the project, for example:, please use one of the following links to create an issue. You will need a GitHub account to report an issue. If you don't have one you can create one.

To help the webmasters, please:

  1. DO NOT report security issues here, report them to the Joomla! Security Strike Team
  2. Use a descriptive title
  3. Give a description of the problem you encountered
  4. Provide a link if it is on a specific page, images also help explain issues for people to fix

List on Documentation website holds the teams as well.

Uptime status on UpTimeRobot Status page

Translations on Crowdin Enterprise


Website URL Reporting Links Repository report
api report japi
certification report jcertif
coding-standards report jstand
community report jcomm
developer report jdev
docs report jdocs
domains report jdomain N/A
downloads report jdown
events report jevnt N/A
exam report jexam
extensions & vel report jed N/A
forum report jforum
foundation report jfoundation
framework report FW
help report jhelp
idp report idp N/A
issues report jissues
launch report jlaunch N/A
magazine report jcm
osm report josm
showcase report jshow
sponsor report jspons N/A
trademark report jtm
training report jtrain
update report update
volunteers report jvols
joomla! 3 report j3 N/A
joomlacode report jcode N/A


This repository is for reporting issues with the websites only. Please report issues with the Joomla CMS at