Server for collecting environment stats for Joomla Installations
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Joomla Environment Stats

In order to better understand our install base and end user environments, a plugin has been created to send those stats back to a Joomla controlled central server. No worries though, no identifying data is captured at any point, and we only keep the data last sent to us.

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  • PHP 7.0+
  • PDO with MySQL support
  • MySQL
  • Composer
  • Apache with mod_rewrite enabled and configured to allow the .htaccess file to be read


  1. Clone this repo on your web server
  2. Create a database on your MySQL server
  3. Copy etc/config.dist.json to etc/config.json and fill in your database credentials
  4. Run the composer install command to install all dependencies
  5. Run the bin/stats install command to create the application's database

Additional Configuration

The DisplayControllerGet optionally supports additional configuration values which affect the application's behavior, to include:

  • Raw Data Access - The API supports requesting the raw, unfiltered API data by sending a Joomla-Raw header with the API request. The value of this must match the stats.rawdata configuration key.

Additionally, the application behavior is affected by the following configuration settings:

  • Error Reporting - The errorReporting configuration key can be set to a valid bitmask to be passed into the error_reporting() function
  • Logging - The application's logging levels can be fine tuned by adjusting the log configuration keys:
    • log.level - The default logging level to use for all application loggers
    • log.application - The logging level to use specifically for the monolog.handler.application logger; defaults to the log.level value
    • log.database - The logging level to use specifically for the monolog.handler.database logger; defaults to the log.level value (Note: if database.debug is set to true then this level will ALWAYS correspond to the debug level)