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Joomla Quiz Deluxe is a comprehensive and easy-to-use quiz component for Joomla! websites.

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Joomla Quiz Deluxe Component

Joomla Quiz Deluxe is a comprehensive and easy-to-use quiz component for Joomla! websites. It will empower you to author great looking media-rich online quizzes. This Joomla! quiz extension includes a wide range of questions types (including multiple choice), modes and styles and allows you to insert video and audio into questions.

Joomla Quiz Deluxe is compatible with Joomla! 3.x.
To request changes/custom development of Joomla Quiz, please go to and use the contact form there.

The quiz extension is integrated with VirtueMart.


With Joomla! quiz component you will make varied online quizzes both for work and for entertainment purposes. See some examples below.

Add online quizzes to your Joomla! site for:

  • Media-rich online courses: You can create learning paths, charge for taking them, give completion certificates and get rewarding reports.
  • Brand promotion: Increase popularity of your brand entertaining your Joomla! site visitors. To do that, just create the engaging online quizzes for Joomla! and launch a challenging competition. The audience will definitely enjoy it!
  • Corporate purposes: Make online quizzes for your staff training or employees assessment.
  • Products promotion: Want to advertise your products smartly? Create short and useful online courses or tests about certain type of goods or services. The information about your own products or business decisions as well as promotion codes for them will perfectly suit the quiz final page.



The key functionality of the component is the ability to create the attractive, easy to use quizzes or tests. The quizzes have many settings to meet everyone’s needs (several time limits, skipping questions, several templates (including mobile compatible), email sending, different results view, redirection after the test and several others). You can assign quizzes to categories and then display each category on the front-end. Quizzes can be free for everyone or you can sell them via VirtueMart or by accepting manual payments. Every quiz can be shown on a separate page or be added into a Joomla article.


You have a choice of 9 question types + boilerplate, so you can combine them to create the most interesting quizzes. 4 puzzle question types will make your quizzes really unforgettable! Add images and video to questions and even to some answer options! Add questions to a quiz or Question Pool and organize them by categories. Points can be set for questions and for each answer option.


Create your e-learning courses with quizzes and Joomla articles and have the learners pass them in predefined order. They can move to the next step only after they are done with the previous, so you will see who is really progressing in studies. In the last quiz you can insert a certificate.


With several feedback types you can always be sure the quiz always meets your requirements and purpose. Quiz feedback can be shown on the Results page. Question feedback can be displayed after every question is answered (great for a short and bright feedback) or in the end together with results (perfect for the long and descriptive feedback). Even some answer options can have their own feedback.


Several settings of QuizDeluxe component will allow you to improve the cheating protection. The time will not stop if the user leaves the quiz and returns to it, so they won't have a chance to look up the answers. Number of attempts can be set to the quiz and every question. If the question is answered several times, you can have the system destructing some points for that. You can hide the results and disable any review. You can set the negative points for the answers if a user makes more than one attempt to reply to the same question. So, students, get ready to study!


  • Create your own unique certificates to reward your quiz-takers for the great work and make the results official.
  • Have the results sent to you or allow users type their own email.
  • Let your users have the Results and Quiz Statistics menus, so they could review the results any time they need and download the certificate again if it got lost or forgotten to download right after the test.
  • Share quiz results via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.