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Reboots your modem if internet is down
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Sometimes modems just drop the internet connection in a way that the network comes back only after being restarted. This is because modems usually are piles or garbage made out of transistors.

This application periodically checks if the internet is down, and if down for enough time, it reboots your modem to try to bring your funny cat videos back.

This could also be done universally (so no programming needed to support new types of modems) with hardware (smart plug perhaps), and it'd probably be a lot more robust: what if the internet is down and somehow the modem admin panel is also stuck so we cannot reboot via software?

Anyway, pure-software approach worked for me, but smartplug (or custom hardware) support could be developed as a plugin in the future.


Download binary for your OS/architecture (works for Raspberry Pi as well) combo from the download link.

Write a config.json file (see config.example.json).

Configure it to automatically start at boot (you might need to run it with sudo):

$ ./modemrebooter write-systemd-unit-file
Wrote unit file to /etc/systemd/system/modemrebooter.service
Run to enable on boot & to start now:
        $ systemctl enable modemrebooter
        $ systemctl start modemrebooter

Supported garbage

This application has "plugins" for different types of modems, currently:

Model Plugin ID
TP-Link TL-MR6400 garbage tplinktlmr6400
ZyXEL VMG1312-B10D garbage zyxelvmg1312b10d

How to build & develop

How to build & develop (with Turbo Bob, our build tool). It's easy and simple!

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