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Fix for ordering with a default_scope order in place.

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commit 85e931c984b345805122516f3fb367e337f1bd7b 1 parent dcf4d82
@joost authored
4 lib/generators/admin_interface/templates/setup/controllers/resource_controller.rb
@@ -18,7 +18,9 @@ def destroy_all
# Use meta_search and kaminari gem to load collection.
# Saves the per parameter to the user's session[:admin_per].
def collection
- @search ||= end_of_association_chain.ransack(params[:q])
+ @search ||= end_of_association_chain
+ @search = @search.reorder('') if params[:q].present? && params[:q][:s].present? # We reorder to nothing if we have Ransack sort parameters.
+ @search = @search.ransack(params[:q])
get_collection_ivar || begin
session[:admin_per] = params[:per] || session[:admin_per] # Save the per_page to the user's session
c =[:page]).per(session[:admin_per])
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